Would you be interested in moving to a "green" web host?

Would you be interested in moving to a "green" web host? Well that has been our question for a couple of weeks now. And if you look at the final results a majority of our readers would actually be interested in moving to an environmental friendly web host.

According to you it doesn’t matter if a green web host cost a little extra. Only 9% would like to move to a green web host but can’t because “they cost too much”.

Around 30% of you haven’t yet fully understood what a “green” web host actually is. That’s okay, we understand that. That’s why we will soon dedicate a whole section of our site were we will try to explain what separates green web hosts from normal (dirty) web hosts.

Only about 4% of our visitors (or at least the ones who have voted) don’t want to move to a green web host. Are you stubborn or don’t you know what’s at stake? Please tell us why you don’t want to move to a green web host.

  • Yes! (57%)
  • What's a "green" web host? (30%)
  • Yes, but they cost too much. (9%)
  • No! (4%)

Our new poll question is: Are you currently hosted on a “green” web host?

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Simon Leufstedt
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Excellent post. This is incredibly enlightening. Thanks for the information on green hosts. Great poll. Kind regards, Joshua

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