"This may be the only political issue whose results could be catastrophic permanently"

Here is a quick quote from Tom Toles, a pulitzer prize-winning political cartoonist at the Washington Post, about the ongoing "climate debate":

"We are apparently going to let the debate on the science run until hell freezes over. If you can't accept the conclusions of 98 percent of the scientists whose FIELD IT IS, then why even bother with science? If that high a percentage of field of study is to be discounted ENTIRELY, then we are in deep trouble, which, of course, we are. It would be so simple if it were just a matter of ignoring the yelping commenters hereabouts: "Move on, Mr. Cartoonist! Chill out Tommy! There are more important things to worry about!"

Really? Which would those things be? This may be the only political issue whose results could be catastrophic PERMANENTLY. But the deliberate dust storm thrown up by fossil-fuel-centric interests has succeeded in contaminating and paralyzing the American response. Quite a victory for the deniers! It looks like mass-suicide to me."

You can read his whole rant about climate deniers here.

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Commute Greener

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He does have a point, why do the deniers bother with the science... The scientific community all agree that anthropological Climate change happens, and that greenhouse gasses are the reason...

But the fact that the deniers exist give SOME good things to. Debate always brings some new views on the issue, and new ways to communicate. The bloggosphere have become important because scientists themselves don't communicate with the public that often. I wonder why they still say that it isn't their job to relay the data to the public.

But we stand in front of a huge problem that will affect our world and therefore our lives vastly. Everyone have the responsibility to pitch in, and a change of attitudes is badly needed. We have written a lot about this on our own blog, at commutegreener.com


Commute Greener!

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