Green Quote of the Week - Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas SarkozyAt France's environmental policy making forum, le Grenelle de l’Environnement, Nicolas Sarkozy said this:

"From now on, every major public project, every public decision will be judged on its effect on climate, and on its carbon cost. Each public decision will be judged on how it affects bio-diversity. The onus won't be on ecological decisions to prove their merit, but on non-ecological projects to prove they can't be done any other way. Non-ecological decisions must be taken as a last resort. It's a total revolution in the way we govern our country."

Let’s just hope this is not just fine words and talk.

In other news from the environmental forum Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday issued a ban on the most inefficient light bulbs by 2010 in France.

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Guest Rob Burns

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Far reaching words. I agree and hope policy bears out with that. They pioneered the 35 hour working week as policy, so it's not out of the question that this could happen. Still, it's still a pleasant surprise!

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