Green Quote of the Week: James Hansen on Coal River Mountain

Top US climate scientist Dr James Hansen shares his thoughts about Coal River Mountain and Barack Obama’s coal policy in general in a letter titled: "Tell President Obama About Coal River Mountain".

"Coal River Mountain is the site of an absurdity.

[...]The issue at Coal River Mountain is whether the top of the mountain will be blown up, so that coal can be dredged out of it, or whether the mountain will be allowed to stand. It has been shown that more energy can be obtained from a proposed wind farm, if Coal River Mountain continues to stand. More jobs would be created. More tax revenue would flow, locally and to the state, and the revenue flow would continue indefinitely. Clean water and the environment would be preserved. But if planned mountaintop removal proceeds, the mountain loses its potential to be a useful wind source."

You can read and download the report that Hansen is talking about over at Coal River Mountain Watch.

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Rory McIlmoil

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Hey, I hadn't seen this post yet, thanks for adding it!! That quote from Dr. Hansen was given right after myself and 5 other activists took over the Massey pre-mine construction site on Coal River Mtn for 4 hours. I appreciate your focus on our mountain. Rory McIlmoil Former Campaign Coordinator, Coal River Mountain Wind Campaign

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