Urge the Press to ask about Global Warming

Urge the Press to ask about Global WarmingWe have wondered and discussed where climate change is in the USA primaries, and we have asked ourselves if Al Gore can put pressure on the climate issue during the USA 2008 election.

The primaries have come a long way since then and there are now only a few candidates left. But there are still no real discussions about climate change. There are no hard questions coming from the press regarding climate change and what the different candidates plan to do about it. Is family values really that more important for Americans than the future of our civilisation? I hope not.

A League of Conservation Voters'
found that ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked presidential candidates more than 767 questions -- only 5 of which were related to global warming. CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked more than 402 questions -- only 5 were about global warming. Sadly, other political commentators and reporters have shown a similar disregard for this key issue.

It seems the media isn’t doing their job so we, the people, need to put some pressure on them. One way can be to contact the press yourself and complain. Another way can be to add your name to this petition from the Alliance for Climate Protection urging the press to ask more about Global Warming.

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