Sweden: Cancel your telephone directory

Sweden: Cancel your telephone directory

Here is a green tip for our Swedish readers but I hope people in other countries also have some kind of use of this.

Most people in Sweden today uses different internet services to find telephone numbers and street addresses that they need. No one I know uses the old catalogues. In fact I can’t even remember last time I checked in the paper catalogue for a telephone number or address.

This year about 5,5 million telephone catalogues will be delivered to households in Sweden. Last year only 3500 people cancelled their catalogue. Hopes are that number will be much higher this year. Eniro, the telephone catalogue company, themselves encourage you as it’s cheaper for them and more environmental friendly to make less telephone catalogues. So head over to Eniro and cancel your telephone directory before they send you one!

Eniro in Sweden use around 8500 tons of paper in the making of these catalogues. That is 0,02% of the Swedish yearly logging. The paper that the catalogues are made of contains about 30% recycled papers. The papers are chlorine free and the ink, colour and glue is all approved by SIS Miljömärkning, a Swedish eco-label. About 80% of all old catalogues is recycled. Eniro uses Holmen, a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), PEFC (Programme for the Endorsment of forest Certification scheme) and ISO 14001 certified paper supplier.

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Wow. I am truly amazed. Can't remember when was the last time i used one either but i am still there on the Israeli phone catalog, that's for sure. Thanks for enlightening me.

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