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We at Green Blog love small green and personal projects and movements (maybe because this blog is one of those?). That’s why we would like to tell you shortly about a guy named Jim and his project called DinkyCard.

Jim wants with his site DinkyCard "create a new, smaller international standard for the size of a business card to save some trees".

It's a good idea and if I personally would need a business card someday (in a distant future far away) I would definitely use 2'x1.75' sized cards.


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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Tom Gooden

Posted · Report

Jim's onto to something here. The smaller format looks great, and it stands out from the crowd,

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Guest DinkyCard

Posted · Report

Hi, I think it might have a more realistic chance of catching on if the size we're 2"x2.5" - what does anyone think? That's a couple of inches saved. Google tells me: 1 mile = 63,360 inches. Given the amount of business cards printed that's a simple way to cut back. Cheers DinkyCard

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