Watch: Barack Obama explains basic climate science

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During a visit to Henderson Nevada, President Obama explained basic climate science for the people who had gathered to listen to him at the town hall.

"First of all, we just got five feet of snow in Washington and so everybody is like -- a lot of the people who are opponents of climate change, they say, see, look at that, there's all this snow on the ground, this doesn't mean anything. I want to just be clear that the science of climate change doesn't mean that every place is getting warmer; it means the planet as a whole is getting warmer. But what it may mean is, for example, Vancouver, which is supposed to be getting snow during the Olympics, suddenly is at 55 degrees, and Dallas suddenly is getting seven inches of snow.

The idea is, is that as the planet as a whole gets warmer, you start seeing changing weather patterns, and that creates more violent storm systems, more unpredictable weather. So any single place might end up being warmer; another place might end up being a little bit cooler; there might end up being more precipitation in the air, more monsoons, more hurricanes, more tornadoes, more drought in some places, floods in other places."

You should also take a moment to read George Monbiot's article on why Britain's cold snap does not prove climate science wrong.

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Guest Douglas

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Like your blog and just thought I'd point out the GoGreen blog you have in your links section appears to be a greenwashing site of some sort. Check out their global warming articles...John Stossel is one of their "experts."

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Guest westwood

Posted · Report

Thank you, Obama, for being on board. Thank you sir... so, so, so much.

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