David, 7-years old, donated his birthday money to the Alliance for Climate Protection

David, a 7-year old child, decided that instead of receiving ordinary presents on his 7th birthday he would ask for donations to the Alliance for Climate Protection:


His name is David and he recently turned 7 years old. Rather than ask for remote control cars and video games, he asked for donations, all of which he gave to the Alliance for Climate Protection (our nonprofit that houses the We Campaign). Accompanying the money was a hand written note, in unmistakably 7-year old handwriting:

"Dear Alliance for Climate Protection. I am sending you chek’s that add up to 400$ that I collected at my 7th birthday party insted of presents. thank you for trying to save the earth. love David feigeison."

As any teacher or parent knows, sometimes it is the simplest acknowledgments that carry the most meaning. Taped to our office refrigerator door, this note is an inspiring reminder of the importance of our mission. Unless the necessary actions are taken now, unless policymakers step up and pass smart legislation, unless the international community comes together and commits to changing their energy consumption patterns, David's generation will find themselves raising their kids in a world that looks drastically different from that of today. The time to address this issue is now. We owe it to David to help ensure that our children inherit a healthy planet.

Let's hope that the older generation doesn't continue to wreck the climate and the planet in their race for short-term economic gains. After all, they are borrowing the planet from David and the rest of the younger generation.

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Guest Scott Shute

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What a great way to get kids involved in the green movement. Maybe I'll try that with my 10 year old!

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