Burnout Paradise cares about the environment

Burnout Paradise cares about the environment?

The new game Burnout Paradise for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 is not just about “burning rubber and gasoline”. They also care about the environment.

At least that is the truth if you trust the all-knowing (and all-annoying) CrashFM DJ that says, in the game, something along the lines of:

“Here in Paradise City (yep, that’s the name of the city) it’s not just all about burning rubber and gasoline. We also care about the environment. Just take a look at our wind farm up in the mountains.”

It’s great when a video game that promotes and glorifies the idea of private motorism, gas-guzzling and fuel-inefficient cars cares so much about our environment.

But then again it’s much better to burn rubber and gasoline in a video game than in the “real life”. So, see you on the streets of Paradise City. Me, and my car will, without doubt, take you down.

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