Watch: Vattenfall's greenwashing campaign continues to face protests

Last year I reported about Vattenfall, Europe's third-largest energy company which is entirely owned by the Swedish government, and their latest greenwashing campaign. Their campaign involved a "climate manifesto" to hide their own dirty businesses, and on top of that they also created loads of small yellow plastic men which they placed around the world to show their "environmental support".

Back then the greenwashing campaign faced protests from environmental organizations such as Klimax and Greenpeace. And last week the "Yellow Army Fraction" liberated 44 of these yellow plastic men from one of Vattenfall's offices in Sweden:

"Yellow plastic figures has been Vattenfall's way to try fool the public that they're actually doing something about the climate change other than pollution through large scale coal fire power plants. What they didn't take into consideration was the fact that the figures would come alive and organize! Today the Yellow Army Fraction liberated 44 of their fellows in their struggle to crush Vattenfall and their dirty industry and saving the planet in the process. No more coal!"

Watch the liberation:

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Their website:

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Guest Jonas Blake

Posted · Report

This is awesome! I love their yellow outfits. Kind of makes me want to do something like that here. (in the US)

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