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3 Energy-Efficient Heating Strategies for Your Office

Maintaining an energy efficient environment is one of the most discussed issues in the international forums. Although it may appear to be a complex issue, it is actually simpler than you would think. The following are a few energy efficient heating tips for your office.

3 Energy-Efficient Heating Strategies for Your Office.JPG

A Heating Maintenance Program

Make sure that you have a maintenance program for air conditioning and venting systems. Ensure that you:


  • Clean air filters every month.
  • Clean refrigerant coils, water, evaporators, condensers and heat exchanger surfaces.
  • Replace defective ducting, piping and equipment insulation.
  • When you are replacing air conditioning equipment, buy units that have an energy efficiency ratio of 10.5 or greater.
  • When old motors are not functioning, replace them using motors that work at a low annual cost.
  • Use variable speed drives for large motor loads to reduce the consumption of energy.
  • Use water side-economizers and outside air for free cooling during the times when the air outside and conditions are favorable.
  • Use fans for ensuring a comfortable temperature, air movement and humidity. Moving air makes higher temperature or humidity seem comfortable. You can delay the need to have air conditioning by using fans. Furthermore, a temperature of 3-5 degrees can be comfortable when using fans.
  • Seal leaks using caulking and weather stripping. This strategy helps you manage ventilation.

Choose Renewable Power


  • Invest in companies that offer energy from solar power and wind sources. Renewable sources of energy have a small impact than fuels like liquid gas or coal.
  • You can also use a boiler from a company like Nationwide Boiler for your energy needs.

Install Solar Window Screens


  • The use of solar panels is a great way of reducing heating bills. Solar panels can block the UV rays that reduce the heat transmitted via windows. If you do not have money to buy new windows, solar films and screens offer a temporary fix.


Appoint a Green Task Force

Hire professionals to monitor and audit your office's consumption of energy. Device a plan that has goals and targets that ensure you focus on your long and short term environmental plans.

There are several ways you can apply energy efficient strategies in your office. Being conservative with energy not only helps you keep your expenses down but also enables you reduce your carbon foot print. You can achieve an energy efficient office environment by using a heating maintenance program, using renewable power, installing window panels and employing a green task force.

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