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How You Can Reduce your Carbon Footprint With Renewable Kids Toys




Nearly everything we do in life emits carbon in one form or another. Whether it’s the green house gasses produced from our cars, the electricity we use for our homes, or the planes in the air that transport people around the world.

Your carbon footprint is the overall amount of green house gas emissions that are produced by an individual, organization, event or product

With this in mind there is a way to reduce your personal carbon footprint by just switching from plastic to more renewable kids toys.

When you start being conscience of your carbon footprint you’re helping move our country & world to a better, healthier and safer place to live.

Now you might be thinking what has this got to do with my kids toys?

You probably know that all plastic is bad because it takes thousands of years to decompose. But what you may not be aware is much of this same plastic ends up in our oceans. As a result this forces local fish species to move or die. Worse yet the plastic also leaks chemicals into the water, which changes the pH level.

And if you’re one to enjoy eating fish, then purchasing plastic kids toys increases your potential of consuming plastic yourself. Because small sea animals ingest this “wasted” plastic, and fish eat those animals and we eat those fish!

Even if some plastic toys are reused, not all kids toys are recycled. So most will simply end up in landfills. As a result, the decomposed plastic gets in our soil, which harms plants and animals.

Additionally these same plastic toys are responsible for water and air pollution because they leach hazardous toxins into the air and water.

So to help reduce your carbon footprint, opt for renewable kids toys, which are crafted from natural, sustainable, biodegradable and/or recycled materials.

Some of theses toys could include:

  • Cubby Houses
  • Big basket of books
  • Wooden stacking rings and blocks
  • Soft rag dolls instead of barbie
  • Puzzles and shape sorters
  • Wooden dollhouses
  • Wool felt toys
  • Organic cotton soft toys
  • Wooden musical toys
  • ABC Blocks
  • And much much more

So next time you consider purchasing your kids toys, opt for ones that are made from recycle materials such as renewable grown timber, cotton or even wool. You’re not only reducing your carbon footprint but also surrounding your child with natural toys which are safe and have been made ethically and in an environmentally conscience way.

As a result you’re teaching your child at a young age to value the beauty of a natural world.

So the question is, will you purchase renewable kids toys now you know the affects it has on the environment?

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