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There is a green alternative to hiring a skip when clearing your house



So you’ve taken the plunge and finally decided to clear out your house after the summer months. You’ve gone through every room and turfed out all unwanted furniture and clutter that has been gathered over the past year or so. Now what do you do? Well most people would hire a skip service so they could put all their household waste in there ready for collection. But is there an alternative to this long, awkward and not very eco friendly method? There is and it’s called a rubbish removal service. Here are a few reasons why this is a great eco friendly alterative to hiring a skip.

Firstly, a rubbish removal service aims to recycle almost all of the rubbish taken and they take pretty much all types of rubbish. Whether its building materials, furniture or house hold items, rubbish removal services aim to take all of the rubbish gathered. Another great reason for using a service like this is that you only pay for what you want removed. This is different from a skip service as you pay a flat for the use of the skip and it doesn’t matter if its only a 5th of the way full, you’d still pay the same fee. So even if you’re clearing the house for a potential house move or you’re just clearing the house for a summer clean, rubbish removal is a great alternative

With a skip, you’ll need to clear a permit if your house is near a public road. Not only is this costly and expensive, but its certainly not a pleasant site to look at. So with the rubbish removal service, not only are you saving money which you could then choose to spend on a nice hard earned treat after the big clear out, but you’re significantly helping the environment. You can search for rubbish removal online and search for skip hire in Birmingham or in the United Kingdom if you’re looking for this type of eco solution. Also, using a skip can also be damaging to the environment as often the rubbish is simply left there until picked up. The wind and other elements can cause the rubbish to loosen and spread around the floor area, falling out of the skip and damaging the environment further. With a rubbish removal service if you call them early enough in the day, they’ll come and collect it from you by the time the day ends so there will be a minimum amount of waste spillage. This could be dangerous as well for animals that could mistake the waste as food. This counts for birds and domestic animals such as cats and dogs.

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