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4 Clever Uses for Recycled Marine Trash




Garbage littering the world's oceans is a serious problem. Some trash, such as plastic, will never decompose, posing a grave risk to all types of marine wildlife. The best solution to this problem is to collect as much marine trash as possible and then put it to good use. To give better insight into the possibilities for solving this issue, here are four clever uses for recycled marine trash.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

One of the most versatile uses for marine trash is to recycle it into packaging for various types of products. Plastic is an ideal material to use in packaging for dish detergent, nail polish remover, shampoo, and hundreds of other substances that are used every day. This versatility helps to sustain demand for marine plastic, meaning that there will be continued incentive to remove the trash from the world's waterways.


Turning yesterday's discarded soda rings into tomorrow's clothing might not seem like the most obvious use of recycled marine trash. Creating thread that has a recycled plastic core helps to lower the costs for clothing manufacturers while helping to keep the environment clean. The yarn or thread can be bound by any number of materials, creating beautiful fabrics that are indistinguishable from fabrics made with more traditional thread. You can learn more about products like this at and other websites.


You may not know it, but there are many parts of the average shoe that require plastic in some form or another. Fortunately for the world's waterways, the source of this plastic can be recycled plastic that was previously causing an environmental hazard. Plastics in shoes help to keep weight down and help to keep them more durable, both of which are qualities that consumers are seeking.


Plastic is an ideal material for sunglasses because it is lightweight and flexible. Rather than using virgin plastic for their eyewear, some companies have begun using recycled marine plastic to form their frames. Since sunglasses are often discarded before the end of their useful life due to changing tastes, this is a great way to clean up the environment and help make users more mindful about their consumption. Plus, consumers get bragging rights that their glasses are truly one-of-a-kind.


Just as important as using recycled marine trash is working hard to ensure that the trash doesn't return to the ocean after it finishes its second life. That's why careful attention needs to be given to creating a closed cycle that will encourage consumers to dispose of waste properly. If these suggestions are adhered to, the amount of trash in the world's oceans will finally decrease, once and for all

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