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External USB devices have been around for quite some time, and for a long time used the 2.0 technology. It was fantastic back in the day, however, as times are changing people want faster. Faster is the name of the game when it comes to technology, and the 3.0 USB devices do exactly that. They are quick at transferring files, up to ten times that of their older 2.0 counterpart. The 3.0 USB’s have also gotten slimmer, much thinner. Some USB storage devices are as thin as a credit card and fold down to look flush into the design seamlessly.



Where to get the best designed 3.0 USB Storage Devices?

What if you are looking for something a little different than the traditional flash drive, in appearance? USB Direct offers some of the most fantastic ways to utilize your external storage. In many ways, you wouldn’t even think that some people use USB for storage. They can look alike just about anything you can think. USB Direct also carries a multitude of memory sizes to suit anyone's needs from small 64 MB to a whopping 256 GB.

If you like, you can even carry your company logo on just about any of their products as well. It is perfect for advertising purposes as well as keeping home and office separate.

One way USB Direct stands out from other USB suppliers is the ability to craft a USB storage device from different materials. They have an extensive list of materials that include aluminum, rubber, steel, leather and even wood.  If you have a picture in mind and they don’t currently have something on their website that interests you, just email them. They can take your ideas and create a 3d model for you. The best thing, is their USB devices have versatility. If you choose, your product can also be embedded in a pen, giving it more function than just a USB external storage device. They also can look like just about anything you can imagine such as a replica car or even a brick of gold.

Most of their products come with a fantastic 5-year warranty and will price match free quotes you get from any other company. When it's time to ship your product, they give you the option of traditional packaging, or you can choose a wood or steel box for added security.



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