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  1. OK, the hard work is done and soon I will be able to put up some more images of reseeding the new lawn. Spring is a great time to plant and we should be able to start cutting the grass by January. Using a mixture of lawn seeds.
  2. GreenDave

    My Organic Chickens

    Photo's of my beautiful organic free range hens.
  3. We all get a craving for junk now and gain. There is something about that extra sweetness or extra saltiness, that grabs the attention of most taste buds. But, we also all agree that these foods are rarely good for us - except briefly on an emotional level. Here are my three favourite alternatives to everyday junk food. Organic Coconut Water vs Soda Most people would agree that soda is probably not the best thirst quencher when it comes to beverages. Not only that, sodas contain an abnormal amount of refined sugar, additives, and flavourings that our bodies do not process v
  4. Enjoying our new Isla Browns. At point-of-lay and very clean, shiny feathers on top of some juicy fat meat. In perfect condition. Now I just have to keep them that way!



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