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  1. Australian attitudes towards climate change have been shifting considerably over the past few years. While many Australian’s don’t believe in climate change, more do. The majority also believe the Australian government should be doing more to address climate change on a global scale. An Ongoing Disagreement as to the Cause of Climate Change According to CSIRO’s 2014 annual survey of Australian attitudes to climate change, a strong majority of Australian’s believe that climate change is happening and support a variety of initiatives to address the potential impacts. However, th
  2. Being environmentally-friendly can sometimes cause headaches, especially when it comes to purchasing new items. New items for your home are quite often not only unsustainably sourced but can also be pricey and come from unethical merchandisers. As a self-proclaimed vegan hippie chick and passionate home decorator, I’ve outlined my top tips on how to redecorate your home more sustainably depending on your style. Vintage Darling When choosing new décor and furniture to buy for your home, the number one thing you can do to purchase more ethically is buying used goods. If you’r
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