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  1. Solar energy is one of the most useful forms of renewable energy because solar panels and the sun's own energy can be harnessed directly. Technically, solar energy is the radiant light and heat energy produced by the sun as it sends off massive energy from constant nuclear fusion. Here on Earth, though, solar energy is harnessed via "solar collectors" that convert light energy into more usable heat energy. Solar thermal collectors snatch up the heat by absorbing sunlight and solar radiation. Solar collectors can, in fact, refer to a number of different devices designed to harness th
  2. A recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that green (renewable) energy sources will account for some 60% of growth in the energy sector and attain to a market share of over $5 trillion by 2030. And in 2014, global investment in green energy jumped by 17%, much of the growth fueled by hydro power, but solar and wind contributing substantially as well. While all of this "green activity" is great for the environment, for eco-conscious consumers, and for owners of green businesses, it is also a boom from a business brokerage perspective. Why? Because the business brokerage in
  3. We're going to need more and more renewable energy sources in the coming generations to keep pace with tomorrow's energy demands. More intelligent and sustainable energy solutions translate into a world in which business growth isn't constrained in the least and a world where homeowners and business owners alike have more money in their pockets from one month (or one quarter) to another. Renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydropower can provide all the energy that our growing planet needs...and at an affordable, sustainable rate. We only need to be smart enough to har
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