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  1. Over the past years, the world technological innovation has been on the increase with the recent trend of the introduction of smartphones. This is a great influence on customers buying habits today. Technology can be greatly described as the best world changing agent that have drastically changed the way people operate and associate with each other. Its contribution in the transport, Purchase, communication and social life cannot be emphasized. As a matter of fact, technological innovation is real. In the past, people were used to traveling from one place to another to purchase a product
  2. At first, it may seem that information technology and green movement can’t have common ground. But in recent years, the IT industry get leading positions in every aspect of human life. The appearance of “smart city” movement has changed the accepted notion of urban life and prove that the intersection of a digital solution and environmental needs gave birth to the phenomena of Smart City. It’s turned out to be the perfect way of enhancing the quality of urban life and services. The active implementation of modern technology can awake sophisticated resource consumption, improve transport sector
  3. In as much as change is natural and normal when negative effects start arising which counter the gains already made, this is a bad thing. Regrettably, those who end up suffering are not simply those who are causing the problems. This is why using electric cars in the car renting business is quite welcome and beneficial. With ecologists claiming that there are numerous destructive alterations which happen to the Earth due to gas emissions and such similar things, it is beneficial when businesses such as car rentals incorporate these into their line of business when car renting coupons are
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