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  1. This year the natural and healthy looking skin is under the spotlight. The trends focus on the bright and fresh face. So if you want to make some improvements in your skincare, now is the time. Finding the perfect products can be quite a struggle. If you are not among the lucky ones who have great skin completely effortless, you probably experienced some unpleasant eruptions. The problem is that even an expensive skin care can cause the evolvement of pimples and red spots. It’s difficult to predict how your skin will react to a certain product, especially when it’s not a cheaper one. There is
  2. Most air fresheners today are not really ones that obliterate odors, but mostly ones that work on masking them. They work that way and fool the brain into thinking the smell has evaporated, but in the end the bacteria that causes it often remains behind. Antibacterial air fresheners of course exist, but they are often limited to hospitals in many cases. There are also quite a few chemicals present in most commercial air fresheners out there and aerosols that happen to be either triggers for allergies or sometimes just downright hazardous when inhaled. Phenol, petroleum distillates, formaldehyd
  3. As green cleaning grows in popularity, a lot of people tend to see the worth of implementing it into their everyday routines. Thanks to research and warning labels we are finally aware of a lot of the dangerous qualities of most conventional chemicals used in cleaning products that are in fact completely pointless if we can use safer alternatives. Cleaning is one of the more important parts of our daily lives, as it doesn’t really matter how many times we try to clean a home, it will always need more cleaning every week or so. Dust mites can be fought by using regular cleaning as often as poss
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