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  1. It was believed that maybe, we humans have just managed to preserve some parts of our world from global warming. Covered in ice and inaccessible for most part of the year, some believed that Antarctica was one part of the globe which was untouched by human proliferation and that it would, at least, stay cold and steady for a few more years. How wrong we were. Like all other places, Antarctica too has been affected owing to the harsh consequences of climate change. According to a new research, a group of glaciers which were once stable, have started melting rapidly since 2009. The glaciers al
  2. Our planet is getting hotter each passing day and the efforts we are taking to slow down the climate change is looking well short of enough each passing day. The threat posed by the climate change is immense and although world leaders are aware of this fact, the steps taken are in the right direction but the pace at which they are taken is really slow. Recently, the ‘Climate Change Performance Index 2015’ (CCPI) assessed the green credentials of 58 countries which are accountable for over 90 percent of global energy-related CO2 emissions. This index is produced by lobbying groups Germanwatch
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