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  1. It is widely seen, these days’ most of the farmers in USA are using humic acid for agricultural purpose that improves soil quality and enhances growth of crop. Humic acid is also called as humus, which is extracted from compressed, ancient plant matter in form of leonardite. A kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic material- Leonardite contains hydroxyl, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl and various other active groups, which forms a black brown appearance. Humic acid is the commercial term for combination of humic and fulvic acid, which are found in naturally occurring deposits. Known to be an
  2. Are you using high value humic acid coming from some of the richest carbon sources in this world? As per agricultural experts, you should never settle for low quality humates or humic acid that are high in metals and treated with heat or toxic chemicals for extraction. The application of such humic acid will have little impact on your agricultural yield due to low nutritional value. You need to try something better and more organic (WEFHAS Ag Grade) humic products which can increase your agricultural production with improved soil fertility and microbial activity continuously for years. Buildin
  3. Humic Acid – A Must Have for Agricultural Practices Humic acids are the smallest in size and complex molecules that are formed naturally from the microbial decomposition of organic stuff including decaying plant materials. These acids are always present in healthy and pure quality soil. In unhealthy and extremely low quality soils the organic cycle of humus formation with degradation of plant roots, soil microorganisms and fungi gets disturbed, resulting in depletion of humic acids that are most important for plant health, growth and/or vitality. As soil in many agricultural lands is not alway
  4. The planet earth has been losing ecological balance due to industrial uprising. All of its inhabitants have landed in a world where a growing level of toxin is seen everywhere, from food and water to air. You should try to prevent the toxin from growing further and becoming intolerable for the world population. World voices its concerns over matters like continuously exhausting fossil fuels, toxic agricultural supplies, synthetic chemical compounds and more. Your wrong practices and lack of awareness are ultimately creating problems for our planet earth. It is likely to worsen unless the
  5. Hello humicharvest, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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