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    Predicted that if things do not change, there might be soon extinct of energy sources. Our coming generations may not be able to use any of the energy sources we have used. With our combined efforts, we can stop the wrong practices and save energy. By saving energy we don’t only save resources, but can stop major environmental hazards like Ozone layer depletion and global warming.
    Here are a few tips that will help you save energy:
    Turn your computers off when not in use. You might think keeping in power save mode will help, but it will also take lots of energy.
    Change your incandescent light bulbs with the fluorescent bulbs. Changing even one bulb also reduces your energy use to a greater extent. So get a new CFL bulb with the advice of an expert electrician.
    As we all know how hazardous plastic usage is, so better take your own bags for grocery stores.
    When you leave your home, precheck that all the light bulbs , AC’s and fans are closed.
    Use public transport instead of cars or scooters while going to college or work . Walking is better option when the distance is less and if the weather permits.
    Use natural method of drying by hanging them instead of using a clothes dryer.
    Fix immediately any leakage you see in wash basins and toilets, a small leakage can also waste a lot of water.
    Reduce the usage of packaged foods instead make a habit of eating home cooked foods with natural ingredients.
    Save paper by paying all your bills through online and also do not ask for a receipt every time you withdraw money from ATM’s.
    Stop drinking bottled water , instead get a water filter fixed at home , since bottles are not recycled properly.
    Never throw your old toys or clothes, donate them to people who need. This would recycle your products.
    Use both sides of the paper for printing purpose to save paper.
    Unplug all your electronic devices like phones and laptops , when they are not in use. Also do not leave your charger button on after the phone is unplugged, this will also consume energy from socket.
    Buy energy efficient home appliances like fridge , washing machine and microwave oven, which are now available with star ratings .
    Regularly take your vehicles for pollution check , this will help reducing the emissions.
    Switch to eco-friendly products that are available in the markets now, they might be a little expensive, but will help you in a long run.
    Planting trees in your house will add shade and will produce natural air . The use of AC is reduced.

    These re few tips to save energy and as well us the environment. If you are planning to get your home an energy efficient electricity connection, then contacts Emergency Electrician Sydney 24/7.
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