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  1. The infrastructure of a community has been important since the beginning of time in all civilizations. Ancient builders in the Indus Valley created a system of indoor pipes and covered street channel to funnel away waste water. The ancient Romans perfected a transportation infrastructure. In modern times, the United States has developed an aviation infrastructure allowing for efficient global travel. Let's look at five key infrastructure areas. Transportation Communities have to move goods and people from one place to another. Roads play a big role in this endeavor, but road systems
  2. Our homes are expressions of our personalities and anchors of our place in the world. We innately strive to make them beautiful and fitting to our style. Remarkably though, many of us are so focused on cosmetic appearances, that we overlook things that make a home truly enjoyable. True comfort in a home is directly linked to its functionality. Making smart home improvement choices can reward us with more than surface pride but give us a deep sense of contentment. A Better View Consider choosing energy-efficient windows instead of single-paned, uninsulated windows. Environment contro
  3. Two problems the human race faces today are global warming and pollution. To ensure that the Earth remains habitable for people and animals, changes must occur. Thankfully, some people are taking the initiative to encourage a greener future. Below are six such examples. 1. Farmers Starting Wind Farms In years past, farmers could only produce income by raising livestock and growing crops. Today, however, farmers all across the Midwest have been farming wind. This is done by giving permits to energy companies to install giant wind mills with high tech wind turbines on their land. This
  4. There has been so much advancement in the world of agriculture that the techniques of yesteryear have almost been put to shame. So many of these use the technology that has been advancing at a whirlwind pace. SensorsOne such technology that is available are air and soil sensors. These allow an understanding of the air and soil conditions in a real time setting. Forest, farm, and water conditions would be among the conditions it could tell us as well. Vertical FarmsAnother technology that is being experimented with is the ability to grow vertical farms. These would be farms in skyscrapers or ot
  5. It is important to have an efficient home today. Good efficiency will keep your energy bills low and help the environment by conserving resources. Improving the efficiency of any home is not too difficult. There are six ways to get started: Insulate the Home and Seal GapsStart by improving or replacing the insulation in the home. Put in some modern insulation like loose fill. You can insulate attics and the exterior walls. You also want to go around the home and seal any gaps you find using weather-stripping or caulk. Install and Use Ceiling FansA large heating and air conditioning system ca
  6. Maintaining an eco-friendly home will actually provide a family with a number of great benefits. Along with helping to protect the environment, they will also be cutting down on their energy bills and could even improve the value of their property. If going off the grid with a comprehensive solar panel array isn't an option quite yet, then you may want to consider these six actionable tips to lower your home's carbon footprint. 1. Start With an Energy AuditThis is going to be a difficult process for families that are unsure of exactly what is inefficient around their house. Energy audits are c
  7. Global warming is becoming a very serious concern, yet all too many continue with their daily routines without considering ways they can help reduce energy usage. It takes the effort of everyone in order to make a significant difference to preserve our planet for future generations. If you see the present dangers and want to take steps toward fixing the problem, there are five easy ways to reduce energy costs in your home. 1. The Power of the Plug We have many electronics and appliances that we leave plugged in when not in use. Items such as your television or toaster, for example, are one
  8. Whether you are just environmentally conscious, or you are just someone who is on a tight budget and hates wasting materials, it's common knowledge that recycling is very important. Fortunately, there are dozens of things you can recycle. However, there are several things that you can re-use that most people aren't aware of. Here are just a few things you may not have known you can recycle: Athletic Shoes If you have a pair of shoes that are too beat up to give away to charity or use anymore, do not throw them away. Companies like Nike will happily take in old shoes and recycle them, using
  9. Despite the numerous benefits for the environment, many people simply don’t recycle. However, recycling is a lot easier than many first assume. Below are six easy ways to recycle and help the environment. 1. Make a Compost Heap Food waste is one thing that often gets dumped into the trash. However, you can actually re purpose this garbage. Create a compost heap in your backyard near your garden. Use multiple layers and add non-food materials like grass clippings and leaves. After several weeks of decomposition, this compost can be used to add rich nutrients to your soil. 2. Purchase Recharg
  10. Giving back to the planet and your wallet by building a green home? Check out this series of tips custom designed to help green home builders become as energy-efficient as possible. With smart planning and a commitment to a green way of life, you can build a dream house made to be resilient and sustainable far into the future. Your Green Exterior A properly engineered exterior shell for your home is the first line of defense against energy waste. Consider using aluminum siding for your home’s exterior, suggest the professionals at Marsh Building Products. It is recyclable, resists wear and
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