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  1. If one thing is for certain, it’s that it’s getting colder in the UK at present! The freezing winter weather has well and truly landed. Nonetheless, you don’t have to sit and suffer. If you have landed on this post then you probably already recognise that there are many benefits associated with using firewood to warm your home. Not only is this a cost efficient and energy efficient solution, but it presents a unique method of heating – one that is warm and cosy. Most people agree that it is the best way to keep warm during the winter period. Nevertheless, you cannot simply set any wood alight
  2. Britain's new town boom in the middle of the last century achieved mixed levels of long term success. However the new wave of new towns planned by the current UK government promises something rather more elegant and intuitive. The planned new environments owe something to both urban regeneration and rural blight. Those not in favour cite their potential to wreck Britain's countryside, but the relevant parties are assuring a far more sympathetic approach. Rather than the concrete jungles the last wave of new towns have often become, the new breed will be punctuated with parks, gardens and gr
  3. Hello maryacstravel.com, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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