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  1. Have since decided to wait things out before I did this.  Basically, have been through all of this.  Especially, with #Hurricane #Sandy #aka #super #franken #storm.
    Heres finally my take on #2015 #Winter #Storm #Juno  
    In the end it was all of a big joke to me. At least where I'm located, but I'm well aware theres others places wheren't as lucky.
    Think thats it for now.
    Thank you, again, in advance.
    Your truly,
  2. Why is it still spreading and what it will it take to stop it? Besides the vaccine of course.

    I for one I’m torn on all of this. Especially, with the vaccine part of it because everything/anything thats involve in that.

    Think thats it for now.

    Thank you, again, in advance.

  3. As for me haven't been doing that much reading lately. Found that I hardly read any more as well.  Have to say do have times like this and others don't. Guess it depends on the book itself as well.

    Roar: The New Conservative Woman Speaks Out, Scottie Nell Hughes

    The Autistic Brain:  Helping Different Kinds of Minds Succeed, Temple Grandin and Richard Panek

    I Can Hear You Whisper:  An Intimate Journey through the Science of Sound and Language, Lydia Denworth

    Jesus:  A Pilgrimage, James Martin, SJ

    My Age of Anxiety:  Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace, Scott Stossel

    A Midwife’s Tale:  The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

    Have tried to read this before, but with no luck.  Hopefully, this time with more luck.

  4. What are yours?


    Heres a few of mine.


    People abuse their library privileges and beyond.


    People treat me/others like me like a baby/child instead of adult.


    People whom are germophlic, spl (spelling) and beyond (in which I'm not quite sure of).


    People whom come back to their websites and/or forums. Whom upgrade everything, but then don't fix everything and/or anything. Until the next upgrade or something else. I mean thats what saw at one particular forum and clicked on register to see if its been fixed. In which it was.


    People whom have no clue on how to run their sites, blogs, and/or forums properly. I mean it can be everything/anything.


    People whom are always amazed about how the athletes perform and beyond. In which I know that its harder then its looks without doing it.

    People whom leave their messes for someone else to take care of. And then don't tell anyone regarding it/them.


    People whom are only for themselves as opposed to others and beyond.


    People whom are brainwashed are by all of mainstream that has to offer. As opposed to all of the alternatives and beyond. Especially, with the all of integratives, spl (spelling) that are there. As long as they do it properly. In which at this point in time I'm really not sure how to do it properly. Besides learning and researching.


    And beyond

  5. Have you heard/seen about it? If so, have you watch it as of yet?






    Have heard/seen about it via a promo regarding it just days before it premiered. I have dvr it and watched both of them. So, far loving it and hopefully it will continue until its done.


    By the way its based off of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series. I for one haven’t heard/seen of both of them prior to this.


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