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  1. Great info, thanks for this - we got rid of all BPA but it seems like that's not enough and most plastics are in some ways toxic. Will bookmark to refer back to.
  2. I'd also love to do this, and having a solar system which feeds back in to the grid and still gets your power cut when the grid goes down doesnt make sense, however the cost of batteries is still pretty high and so payback is much greater than regular solar panels - but will go down alot over next 5-10 years.
  3. I agree with most aspects of not using plastic bags, however we use them in our bin at home and if plastic bags were banned we would have to purchase liners specifically to use in our bins which doesn't really make sense. Personally would like to see different options looked at, and more encouragement / incentive to re-use (in general).
  4. This is a new one for me, I have to say I have never heard about recycled carpets - however it makes sense from a toxicity perspective as the gasses should all have come out of the carpet and so should be less toxic (unless they wash it in something horrible to get it clean).
  5. In a world with growing environmental awareness, we all have to chip in to save the planet. One easy way to do that is to go green with your cleaning by using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods to get your home to look its best. Use the tips below to go green with your home cleaning, and you can feel confident in your efforts to preserve the environment. Use Indoor Plants to Filter Your Air Indoor plants are great for increasing oxygen levels in a home, but they can also promote good air quality by naturally filtering the air around you. Plants help to eliminate toxins in the air t
  6. Hello trustedc, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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