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  1. Fox facts ! Learn about our flame haired friends. Foxes are a common site in the British countryside and gardens this is a fantastic infographic that helps educate us about these amazing animals. Also touches on the fact they are used across culture. Thanks DrVegas who have a fantastic fox based game 'Foxin Wins!'.
  2. Soil contamination, degradation and pollution are terms often used interchangeably but they mean different things. The only thing consistent about the terms is that they spell disaster for the environment. Soil degradation refers to the loss of value in the soil within a particular area. Value here refers to its nutrients, chemical composition etc. and it is mostly lost by activities such as overgrazing, over farming and erosion. With soil degradation, the ability of the soil to support plant life is greatly hampered leading to different effects with erosion being the most common. Soil pollu
  3. Over the years there are a few things in life that I’ve learnt. Over a period of ones life, one can expect to pay taxes, die and have a few laughs along the way. Another thing that is certain in life is that one can expect Americans to love their pick up trucks! Now being from the United Kingdom, I’ve always had a fascination with pick up trucks and why they are such a big pull to our American cousins over the pond. I’ve never quite understood the fascination of them, mainly because there’s not many around where I live. I’ve also got into my mind that pick up trucks are notoriously bad for the
  4. The times they are a changing. It wasn’t so long ago that been eco conscious and environmentally friendly was seen as a minor issue and one that was buried in the backs of everyone’s minds. Recently however, this has been challenged as climate change and other environmental hazards have become a much larger and pressing issue. So what can you do to your own home to make it more eco friendly whilst still adding sale vale to your property? We decided to look into some home improvements that you could implement around your house to give your property the eco push it needs. Keep the Heat In
  5. In this modern day and age, the amount of energy the world needs is increasing rapidly. This is due to many countries developing modern infrastructures that are able to support the heavy demands that increasing use of electricity creates. Along with the higher demand for electricity comes a higher demand for renewable and sustainable energy that keeps the world as eco friendly as possible. Let have a look at a few examples of some of the projects built around the world to supply this renewable energy. Three Gorges Dam, China China is at the forefront of many things in the world and t
  6. An eco-friendly lifestyle is not only good for the environment but it also lessens the burden on your wallet when the bills come through. Since 2010, when the British government published ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ reporting how we could reach zero carbon emissions by 2030, we have seen a huge rise in the number of domestic and commercial environmentally friendly buildings. There are also companies such as UK Green Building Council that offer training courses for architects, engineers, contractors, and project managers in a variety of topics from Responsible Procurement to Efficient Buildings.
  7. Eco tourism is tourism that is designed to make sure that when one travels to a new place, one does so without creating problems for the environment. In general, eco tourism is a process where people can visit the world in a loving and intelligent way. Many countries have worked to help make eco tourism a possibility in their nations. In the small Middle Eastern nation of Dubai, eco tourism has become a real practice, one that travellers everywhere should welcome and embrace fully. One of the most important things that natives have done to encourage eco tourism is to make sure all newly bu
  8. So you’ve taken the plunge and finally decided to clear out your house after the summer months. You’ve gone through every room and turfed out all unwanted furniture and clutter that has been gathered over the past year or so. Now what do you do? Well most people would hire a skip service so they could put all their household waste in there ready for collection. But is there an alternative to this long, awkward and not very eco friendly method? There is and it’s called a rubbish removal service. Here are a few reasons why this is a great eco friendly alterative to hiring a skip. First
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