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  1. Nature around us ought to be one of the things nearest to everybody's heart as it is the exceptionally thing that permits us to live, manages us, and keeps us alive. The nature fulfills all our needs as much as possible; it gives us the assets for our eating, dressing needs, and in addition empowers us to fabricate all the astounding things we develop. In such an era of modernization, when it is clear that nature is enduring our filthy deeds to destroy the sanctity of environment, and is beginning to demonstrate the strain of so much pollution and contamination, it ought to be our duty to do o
  2. Why Renewable Energy Is So Important The UK still relies mostly on fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil for its energy. These are all forms of non-renewable energy used from the earth's resources that are slowly plummeting and will eventually run out. Fossil fuels are expensive to use and harmful towards the environment as they emit carbon dioxide and other destructive gases. Renewable energy sources are becoming popular now as they are better for the environment and are easily replenished, never running out. Renewable energy such as solar, biomass and wind power can be used for ho
  3. Many of the worst disasters that occur at sea involve oil. This substance can have a devastating impact on the flora and fauna of the oceans, and it can be extremely difficult to clear up. Fortunately, organisations now have access to sophisticated spill control technology thanks to specialist suppliers like www.lubetech.co.uk/. These solutions can help to make dealing with a spill a much quicker and easier process, and they can limit any harm. Different types of disaster Most oil leaks occur at or near the surface of the sea when ships transporting the fossil fuel get into difficulti
  4. The world’s carbon footprint is getting bigger even though the UK has seen its carbon emissions shrink, which is why educating the next generation is so important. The young people who are growing up now will, if climate forecasts are accurate, face some big challenges in the decades ahead. However, the good news is that by ‘learning and doing’ now, these issues can be made more manageable. What is carbon footprint? Carbon footprint is a broad term used to describe the size of the greenhouse gas emissions that a person, business, organisation or country is responsible for. In fact, th
  5. Global warming is a grave cause for concern, and so environmental protection is given priority world over. Our natural resources are gradually diminishing due to rapid growth of industries and various developmental projects like energy and petroleum products. Policies and procedures are introduced to protect the environment. Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process of appraising potential impacts of a project on environment. The process of studying and assessing a project for possible environment impact at an initial stage can be useful in addressing the issues it may cause. The
  6. One of the first steps you need to take when you are looking for a basement waterproofing contractor for a project is getting estimates. I say estimates, because you should always compare quotes from multiple contractors before deciding to hire one that suits you best. Here are a few tips you can use when you are gathering estimates from top contractors near you. Never Accept a Phone Estimate You can get a quick estimate over the phone or online from most contractors these days. The quick estimate is a good way to find out how much the project will most likely cost, but it is in no way a
  7. Eco-friendly housing refers to structures constructed through environmentally friendly processes. It involves using building materials that will not harm the environment by way of pollution. As social awareness of the benefits of environmental friendly building increases, more and more people mostly from the high-echelon of the society are embracing the concept and are acquiring such homes. Real estate India has also bought into the concept. Therefore, they are targeting investors and individuals who desire to improve health and comfort, increase aesthetic appeals, and enhance total quality of
  8. Many companies have to ensure that their work environments are clean. However, the emphasis on cleanliness is especially great among organisations that are involved in researching and testing. In such settings, even small levels of contamination can cause major problems, so there is no room for complacency. Fortunately, there are now a host of products available that can help firms to keep their lab environments clean. For example, organisations can take advantage of the clean air and laminar flow equipment offered by specialist suppliers such as Contained Air Solutions. These products can be
  9. We humans have something of a love-hate relationship with water. Without it, no life would exist. However, too much of the stuff can cause all manner of problems for people. The UK is certainly no stranger to rain. Indeed, our unpredictable and often wet weather is something of a national obsession. However, many experts believe that due to climate change, the country may be becoming more prone to flooding than it was in the past. With this in mind, there is an even greater incentive for building designers to take the issue of drainage seriously. Effective drainage systems can help to chann
  10. Going green is one global goal which offices and homes should comply with in order to achieve a better world to live in. As much as possible, there is a need for us to strive harder in ensuring that energy and resources are saved whenever we do our activities. Leaflets printing is something indispensable I almost all business offices. Leaflets are essential in physically reaching out to potential customers and allowing your company to reveal what good it can offer to them. Sustainable Practices in the Work Environment There are a lot of things we can do to save Mother Earth from depletio
  11. For most of the developers, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and preparation of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is just one more document, which helps them to acquire permission from the Planning Authority. Well, that is not the case, if you look at the brighter side. For most of the developers, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and preparation of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is just one more document, which helps them to acquire permission from the Planning Authority. Well, that is not the case, if you look at the brighter side. How important is Envir
  12. You want to add some lighting to your garden. It could just be a few flood lights, or you may want to light up a specific section of your lawn. There are safety reasons to have lighting around the outside of your home too. Whatever you choose, having solar lighting could be the best decision you ever make. Solar lighting takes power from the sun. If you’re not yet convinced, here are four reasons to choose solar lighting solutions today. Free Lighting Solutions One of the biggest benefits of solar power is that it is free. There is no need to pay an energy company, so you can save a l
  13. Mould is an unpleasant reality lurking in the corners and crevices of many domestic and business properties. For commercial premises fungi, such as Aspergillus Niger (the most-common form of mould), is not just an unsightly inconvenience; mould can be a real health and safety risk. If you are struggling to deal with damp and mildew issues in your workplace, here are five tips to eliminating mould effectively: Keep areas well ventilated Mould grows in warm and damp conditions where airflow is limited, so the first step in tackling mould is to ensure that the affected space is getting as m
  14. Solar Panels, also called as Photovoltaic panels or PV involve the use of sunlight that is converted into electricity. This new invention is a great boon for the people. They are relieved from using the ordinary methods of power generation that costs too much as compared to this method, i.e. Solar Power or Solar Electricity. It is generated with the help of certain panels that transform the heat of the sun into power which is used for lighting the offices, residences and business houses. Also known as ‘collectors’, the Solar Panels are usually installed on the roofs. They can be ground-mounted
  15. Hello Jainnie Smith, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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