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    MindyT got a reaction from Simon in Stupid SUV owners...   
    Okay, the only reason I clicked on this article was because of the title.  Not all SUV drivers are stupid.  The driver was littering.  That was the problem, not her driving on SUV.  And I am someone who owns an van.  I had to have a vehicle large enough for my family plus my equipment for work.  I am NOT vain for needing and wanting a vehicle that fits my family.  Granted, I did my research about the makes of the vans.  I researched who gets the best gas mileage, where the cars were made, etc.  Don't lump all SUV drivers and owners into the "stupid" or "they're unnecessary" box please.
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    MindyT got a reaction from Simon in How can we avoid climate fatigue?   
    Also, I think you just need to learn to appreciate and dwell in the beauty of the things around you.  Yes, we need to help conserve, educate, and do our parts.  However, I don't want to think about all the doom.  I think change starts out small and gets bigger in time.  Start with yourself then families then city, etc.  
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    MindyT got a reaction from Simon in The reputation system   
    I think it is a good idea.  Being a new member, I am not worried about it too much.  It makes me think about my posts and makes sure my points of conversations are valid.  Plus, most forums have this system.  Like you said earlier, it keeps those (I believe you called them) trolls away.  I am here to learn, not cause issues.
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