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  1. The best way to make your garden more eco-friendly is plant more herbs and plants that produce beautiful and colorful flowers. This will make your garden look beautiful and also will be helpful to invite more bees and insects that help in pollination. Plant trees that produce flowers with a good scent to attract birds and insects.
  2. It is really sad and frustrating that no mater what they talk about doing the number of whales keep decreasing every single day. Whales are now a declining species and yet people do not understand that very well. I guess, the only time they will realize that the whales are declining is when they become extinct. By then, it will be too late for anything and they would helpless.
  3. shilpa


    I think growing chicken is a very easy job. My grandmother also used to raise chickens. They are very harmless and noble creatures. The fact that they eat everything that comes their way also helps to keep the surroundings neat and clean. The only problem is their poop will be present everywhere, they shit a lot.
  4. Sustainable design includes building things such that it will include judicious use of resources along with the fact that what it is designed for does not harm the nature in any way. I think the best way to understand it is development of houses from natural wastes and the house should be built in such a location that it does not harm the environment.
  5. There are many ways you can reuse plastic bottles. Cut the bottle into two at the trunk portion and use the down portion for planting small plants in it. Make sure that you make at least two holes to allow the extra water to come out of the holes. You can decorate the bottom portion and use it as a stationary stand. You can also use it as a holding cup for any purposes.
  6. Thinking about such cruelty on animals gives me goosebumps. However, I wonder what can be done to stop this torture on animals. One person can do nothing to stop such a big business, no matter what he does. The issue should be solved in a way similar to how the global warming issue is solved. Almost all the people all over the world must be made aware of this cruelty to animals and the necessary action must be taken. Environmentalists should fight and stand up against this issue in the way similar to how they stand up against global warming.
  7. Animal Raccoon dogs are usually reared for their fur. They are short, gray furred dogs which have looked almost similar to Pomeranians and are very cute. These dogs are kept in unhygenic condition and have no protection against heavy rain, wind or scorching sun. They are still alive when their skin is being cut from their body and if they resist too much then beaten until they become quite. After the skin is removed the dogs are thrown into a pile of dogs whose skins have already been removed. Some dogs even stay alive after they throw them into the pile of dead bodies with their eyes blinking
  8. When you look at birds soaring high above in the sky, you always wish that you could have wings like them to fly. However, when the same birds are kept in the cage for as long as they live with no use for their wings, the very reason they exists is destroyed. Nowadays, these cages are unhygienic and the birds are kept in a very poor condition. This leads to immediate death of birds, whereas they would have easily survived for a couple of years in the forests. What is your opinion on this matter?
  9. The movie that I enjoy watching many times without getting bored is Avatar. I completely loved it when I saw it the first time. It was a movie in which you could never say what is going to happen in the next moment. The wildlife was shown in a completely different perspective. The main theme of the movie is also very inspiring and I was awed by the entire movie. The fact that people of the tribe fought to protect their forest in a completely different way was something not many of the viewers had expected.
  10. Natural remedies are the best remedy for a human body. When you consume a chemically made medicine, it does cure the illness, however, your body will take a long time to accept the medicine as it is something that you usually do not consume, unlike naturally made medicine. The medicine I use to cure cough is a mixture of natural ingredients. Take two tablespoons of powdered pepper and mix it thoroughly with one tablespoon of honey, then eat it. Also, before going to sleep, drinking a glass of hot milk mixed with one tablespoon of turmeric powder and one tablespoon of pepper powder helps to
  11. I have had solar lightings in my household for a couple of years. Only for the fans and lights, we used solar power and for everything else we used the normal electricity. However, it did not last for a long time as the maintenance cost was too much for us. Also, it rains quite a lot in my region, hence the power generated be solar batteries was not sufficient. I had read in a magazine that a man uses solar power for his entire household requirements. The initial cost was high, but after that he didn't have to spend a penny as he took care of all the maintenance work. He also made use of en
  12. I do not think that food wastage is occurring because people are not producing their own food. Many people work very hard to get eat even two meals a day. I think it depends upon the mentality of people on they think about the food they eat. Quite a lot of people have too many resources, hence do not mind wasting it. Even it those people start growing their own food, I think they would waste in the same manner as before since they are very rich. How judiciously you use your food depends on how you think about it.
  13. There are high chances that it might work very well for a lot of reasons. However, one can never say what difficulties they might come across while building it, hence it is impossible to say whether they can build it or not just by seeing the theory. This might be the future of our people and also if it really happens as they say, then it would be the solution for lots of problems. I hope that one fine day something similar to this would be built for the betterment of the people.
  14. I do not use google plus on a regular basis, but only have used it once or twice. It is quite popular these days and I believe that features in it are quite excellent and very useful to the people. I hope that the one day I start using it how I use regularly use Facebook and Twitter. However, till now I have not checked all the features it provides and how vastly it can be used for other purposes.
  15. Nuclear radiations are very harmful for a person and it is very easy for the people in power start covering up certain issues related to it to make it look good for the entire world. Hence, there is nothing to be surprised if few issues have started coming up. I believe that this issue is similar to the one about the harmful effects of cell phone. Although there are thousands of researchers trying to convey to the world that the cell phones are harmful to our health, there are many other millions of people who are trying to shut the mouths of these researchers for obvious reasons.
  16. A few of the things that we teach young children are what we learn from our elders. For instance, always switch off lights, fan and other electronic gadgets that are not currently in use. Turn off water taps to save water when they are not in use. Never waste food and use all your resources very judiciously. These are a few basic things that I would teach a child. Once the base is strong enough any kind of building can be built upon it. Hence, when they learn the basic values quite well, you can easily teach them greater things.
  17. Foods these days have become quite harmful for health as they are grown with the help of pesticides and other chemicals to increase their productivity, hence farmers reap better profit from them. Choosing to buy organic food is the best and the only alternative. However, organic foods are quite expensive, and people, in general, cannot afford them. Hence, is there any method to detect pesticide grown food? If you know which foods are grown with the help of pesticide, you can take the required to step to at least reduce the amount of chemicals used for growing the vegetables.
  18. Where I live, everyone has started using solar power to conserve energy. It also reduces their monthly expenditure to a great extent. In our home, we use a solar water heater and solar electricity back-up. In our region, electricity is pretty costly, and by replacing a geezer and local electricity in our home, we are able to save a lot per month. In future, I would also like to see the development of wind energy in our country as dry wind is very common here during summers, and this energy can be used extensively for various purposes.
  19. Even I agree with pot_star that buses are a better choice than cars as it reduces pollution and capital investment. However, many people believe that car is a better option than buses as they take you to the required destinations in lesser time and with greater luxury. I think the government of each country should take up the responsibility to promote travelling in buses for the benefit of the people and the environment. If they provide facilities of better seatings and certain luxuries that are available in cars, then I am sure that people will be interested to think of buses as an option to
  20. I think a few of the basic problems of almost many people are greed and ignorance. People are ignorant, hence there are problems like global warming taking place worldwide. There are thousands of environmentalists who are shouting at the top of their voices through NGO's, forums, social services, yet hardly anybody makes any major change for the benefit of the environment. People are greedy, hence they do not want to spend millions of dollars to amend the current system for the benefit of the environment. People are greedy for power and superiority, hence there are terrorist attacks happening
  21. Every year new year's eve comes and goes, and it is one more opportunity for you to make resolutions and think about living a better life in the following year. The resolutions that I have made in this New Year's eve are that I will be more religious than what I have been earlier, I rarely pray and it is one thing that my parents do not like. Also, I have resolved to be more tidy and keep my room neat and clean. I have also resolved to be a more responsible person and learn to keep my anger in control. These are the very few resolutions I have made on New Year's eve and I have kept up most of
  22. I am a college student studying zoology, and yes, I am passionate about it. I have always loved all kinds of animals and it is really sad that there are not as many people as there should be to take care of these animals, after all even they are an integral part of our society. I hope to become a great veteran one fine day and help the abandoned as well as wild animals and in turn help the society. I have always done what I wanted and I work really hard to fulfill my dreams.
  23. I usually do not refrain from eating any food that is homemade. I believe that it is important for an individual to enjoy the way he lives and not be bound by things like calorie counts. Hence, I eat everything that is prepared at home, even if it is roasted and fried in oil. I do yoga every morning, which helps to keep me fresh and energized throughout the day. Yoga is the element in my life that keeps me fit and healthy. Yoga has everything that you would ever need, from the simplest exercise for joints to the most complex exercises for breathing and abdominal problems and also meditatio
  24. I rarely throw away my clothes, only when I am not able to find a better use for them. When the clothes become too worn out and I am unable to wear them, I use the cotton clothes to dust away the items in my house. I donate some of the clothes which are quite expensive and usually synthetic to the people on the streets. However, I also wish there would be a method to recycle clothes just as we recycle paper. Recycling clothes would be a huge benefit to the environment and prevent many people from throwing away their old clothes into garbage cans.
  25. I have been cycling for a few years now, and I completely enjoy it. I think the best motivation to start cycling once again is to think about the benefits of cycling, which are quite a lot. Everything we do in our daily lives has a benefit and a purpose and the same applies to cycling also. The benefits of cycling are it helps to improve your concentration. While cycling you need to focus and keep your mind, eyes, hands and feet in the right directions, in this way you improve your concentration. It is the easiest exercise to tone your muscles and increase your stamina. The muscles of the
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