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  1. For a healthy and vibrant landscape, your plants require regular watering at set intervals. Mother Nature frequently does not cooperate with adequate rains. Heavy but quick downpours do not penetrate the soil deeply. Sprinkling rains do not provide adequate moisture for soil either. When plants are watered optimally, they develop extensive root systems that are able to store and draw water better than plants with shallow root systems. If you want to support your plants' good health, consider installing an irrigation system that complements your landscape's needs. Types of Irrigation System
  2. Landscaping for San Francisco's Microclimate San Francisco boasts some incredible gardens and landscapes, but that doesn't mean it doesn't face some unique obstacles. In fact, understanding the microclimate of the region is vital for achieving a vibrant and healthy landscape that will thrive from season to season. The following tips can help you master the San Francisco setting so that you can better tend and care for your garden and landscape. Understanding the Terrain San Francisco is known for its peaks and valleys. This uneven terrain, while interesting and visually appealing in i
  3. Hello PaulTomSF, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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