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  1. Sustainable design revolves around the intention to work with nature and its available resources. The environmental impact of the materials used should also be taken into consideration. Wood is a good material for a sustainable home;however, this can only be called sustainable if the lumber came from non-endangered trees. In general, the primary consideration on having a sustainable design house is finding the materials with the least negative environmental impact.
  2. If it's just a hairline crack, I think it can still be repaired by bonding it with heavy duty superglue, Gorilla glue, of a Flex seal. Most of the repair work needs to be done from the inside. Clamp it well to meld the pieces together. This may only be a temporary solution until you can buy a new rainbarrel. The repaired crack may not be able to sustain the pressure for a long time just like a new one.
  3. I cut the pants and turn these into shorts for my kids. Kids grow up so fast that they outgrow the length faster than the waistline. When these no longer fit, I remove the buttons and fasteners and place these in a jar for future crafts. These worn out clothes will be used as rags. Sometimes I also turn them into woven rugs. There are excellent instructions found on Youtube for these types of projects.
  4. Other than the usual good habits of turning off the unneeded appliances when not in use, we also replaced our appliances and computers to the more energy efficient ones. - One by one, as budget allows, we replaced all our light bulbs with LED bulbs. - Since we only use computers for moderate tasks like surfing, word processing, and simple programming, we replaced all our heavy desktop computer set ups with laptops. We didn't see much difference in the performance except that we have to work with smaller screens now. - We only work in one room and we transferred our workdesk to a room with l
  5. Since organic gardening is on the rise, it is also worth mentioning that insects play a big role in it. If more gardeners and plant growers are aware of the specific species of beneficial insects, then the use of chemical pesticides will be significantly lowered. Aphids, for example, can be eliminated by ladybugs or ladybirds. Other insects have their own specific preys. Reference What insects have you personally found helpful in your garden?
  6. I'm planning to buy a folding bike for myself. I live in a suburban area and I want to cut cost on transportation expenses due to the rising fuel prices. I decided on a folding bike because I also want to bring it with me during travels. I mainly work at home but will use the bike for errands and some leisure biking trips. What type of folding bike can you recommend for me?
  7. Plastic PET bottles are among the favorite trash items to be recycled. Some have turned these into Christmas trees and decor. This one on the picture is a very nice chandelier made from clear PET bottles. I love how it looks, plus it's so cheap, it can be replaced when dust and dirt makes it look old and worn.
  8. These are really great suggestions. Although many would frown at the idea of regifting, I personally wouldn't mind being given a regifted item. We have all received some presents we do not really need and we can find someone who can make use of that specific item. We should just be careful not to regift the item to the original giver. That would be embarrassing. Selling is also a great idea unless it's a uniquely made and personalized item. If the giver is online savvy, you run the risk of having it found by the original giver.
  9. It rains a lot in our area. In fact, floods are common that cleaning up can require so much water from the faucet. To save water for cleaning the mud-covered floors, we save rain water in barrels which we can use for cleaning. We also use some of the flood water as it recedes to initially wash away the heavy mud. The rain water is for secondary cleaning, and then finally the clean water is used for final cleanup. We also use the rinse water from laundry to clean the bathroom and outdoor tiles and concrete floors.
  10. I dream of the day that I would be able to live off the grid (at least partially). I would still want the convenience of appliances but totally unconnected with the capitalist energy companies. After doing some research, I found out that having a solar powered home would cost us a lot. The price of materials and installation would equal the price of a car. What would be the best thing to do to start this off-the-grid journey in such a way that is also affordable?
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