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  1. We've all heard the words "reduce, reuse, recycle" as a mantra for going green. Most people say they support it, but when it comes to actually applying it to your own life, we all tend to fall short. The most common reason people don’t keep up a greener home is because they aren't sure how. The majority of us would like to be more eco-friendly, but consider it to be too difficult or just don't know where to begin. Here are three cost effective and simple ways to make your home greener today! Change your Heating Methods It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool a home, and paying for it can ge
  2. Coal mining has changed in many areas since the early days of commercial mining and certainly from the old boom town days of the late 1800’s. New technology and new philosophies make underground mining faster and easier than ever before. But there is a limit to how much coal is available for people to use for energy. The modern market for coal reflects these facts, and the processes used today make coal accessible and appropriate for the needs of modern society. Corrosion Resistant Metals Corrosion resistant metals will play a huge role in the future of the mining industry. Corrosion refers
  3. If you’ve kept up with the trends in electricity savings, then you must know that solar energy is one of the most popular outlets available. Unfortunately, a partial or full switch to solar mechanisms can cost thousands of dollars, so loans and financing play a vital role in the affordability of solar panels. Here, you will learn the four most popular methods of solar financing to ensure a steady, reliable source of savings and electricity. Solar Lease/PPA Getting a solar lease is by far the most popular method of financing solar panels. In this practice, a solar energy company will install so
  4. It is getting more and more difficult for eco-friendly people to vacation without guilt, consider the transportation impact and consumption required to get away from it all. Airplanes and cars use large amounts of fossil fuels, depleting limited resources and producing harmful emissions. This makes it especially important to preserve the natural environment of any destination you visit, as you are already in the red from an environmental standpoint when you begin the trip. The following are some useful tips for ways to go on a vacation without compromising on your ideals about sustainability a
  5. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and GreenerCars.org have established a ranking system for the greenest cars for 2015. The list provides consumers with the lowdown on the most environmentally conscious models currently on the market. While each manufacturer offers a number of individualized options, the list serves as a starting point for consumers. Nissan Leaf The compact five-door hatchback comes equipped with an automatic transmission, an 80kW electric motor and a 24kW lithium-ion battery that runs up to 100 miles on a full charge. The Leaf offers 24-cubic feet of cargo
  6. The United States discards a huge amount of waste material every minute, and developing countries aren’t far behind. Some brilliant minds have been able to see piles of refuse as potential income and useful materials, from companies like Lakeshore Recycling to home decorators reusing old fabrics. People everywhere are willing to come up with ways to turn trash into treasure. Recycling is sustainable and profitable, benefiting entrepreneurs around the world and the planet. These developing worlds have been able to use recycling to make their country more sustainable one garbage can at a time.
  7. How can manufacturers reduce emissions on an industrial level? Industrial companies in the United States must figure out creative ways to stop emitting so much carbon dioxide when they produce their goods. Helping the environment helps everyone. And the companies don't have to spend more money. Their profits will remain high even if they pay more attention to their carbon dioxide emissions. The following changes will make the biggest difference on the emissions at the industrial level. Annual Direct Reporting Knowledge produces power. When the companies know how much carbon dioxide they emit,
  8. Depending on where one lives, cooling an indoor environment can cost as much or more than winter heating. On average, families spend hundreds of dollars to cool their homes. There are many different ways to cut cooling utility bills. However, the actual savings realized will also depend on individual climates. Bigger is Not Better Some feel that larger window or central air-conditioning units will not only make environments more comfortable but also save on expenses in the long run. In fact, units that are excessively large are less efficient. Over-sized appliances cool homes to the set-point
  9. These days it is possible to recycle plastic, but there are several different kinds of plastic, and they differ in some important respects. Some plastics are more likely to leach into the environment than are others. Some are more bio-degradable than others and some are simply safer to use. Plastic containers always have a symbol on the bottom. It's a triangle with a number in it. The number indicates the type of plastic used to make the container. There are seven kinds of plastics: 1) PETE or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic #1 is usually clear and used to make soda and water bottle,
  10. Oil spills are major environmental disasters. They can endanger wildlife, destroy ecosystems and cause serious economic damage to communities affected by them. The future of plants, animals and human beings would certainly be better if all future oil spills could be prevented. End Humanity’s Dependence on Fossil Fuels Perhaps the simplest way to end oil spills is to gradually reduce the need for oil drilling. Some headway has been made in this direction—hybrid cars that are partially powered by electricity are now available from all major auto manufacturers. Ethanol, which is created from corn
  11. In the U.S., mineral rights may be sold separately from property rights. This means that, as a property owner, you may not necessarily own the rights to extract or use any minerals discovered beneath your property. If oil, natural gas or other valuable minerals have been discovered in your area, it's important to understand your rights and what you can do. Understanding Mineral Rights Mineral rights refers to the rights to any mineral found below the surface, including oil, natural gas, gold, and copper. A mineral owner has the right to extract and use the minerals found below the surface of t
  12. It doesn't matter if you want modern, sleek decor or you'd much prefer the shabby-chic look; upcycling can result in treasured pieces you customize to fit your taste. The following is a list of ways to convert trash materials or worn-out chairs, into works of art. Decoupaging an Old Chair's Surface To update a chair that's nothing but an eyesore, gather up newspaper and magazine clippings, multicolored tissue paper, or scraps of fabric leftovers from a recent project. Apply them to the chair's surface using either decoupage glue, or lacquer from a nearby craft store and set aside to dry.
  13. Typical office furniture, carpets, and bad lighting make for a toxic and uncomfortable atmosphere that's unfriendly to your health and the environment. Here are some ways to green it up. Up-cycle Natural Furniture Exchanging a particle board desk full of toxic glues and chemicals for a solid wood desk helps both you and the environment. Search second hand furniture stores and garage sales for great deals. While you're looking for a great desk, search for a comfortable chair made of natural materials. Then donate your old desk and chair to your local thrift store or put an ad online or in y
  14. Protecting the environment and fighting pollution and global warming requires action from people at all levels of society, especially homeowners. For those trying to make their home more sustainable, there’s one way to help the environment you may not have considered before—by purchasing environmentally-friendly furniture. Furniture Made from Reclaimed Wood To help the environment, you don’t have to actually avoid furniture made from wood. What you should be trying to do instead is not contribute to more forests being cleared to create more wood. One way to do this is by purchasing furnitu
  15. Some natural resources, like minerals, are consumed despite the imminent danger of being completely depleted. Other materials cost a lot in terms of labor, energy, and raw materials to produce. Recycling can be an enormous help when it comes to limiting scarcity, saving energy, and protecting the environment. Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled—some materials need special handling or should simply be properly disposed of via mainstream methods Always Recycle Aluminum Aluminum costs a lot of energy to produce from ore, and recycling is a great way to save energy and reduce dep
  16. The steady increase in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a concern for everyone due to global warming and ocean water pollution. Global warming is changing climate patterns worldwide, leading to changes in food production and lifestyles for the population. Today, researchers are trying to find viable ways for United States’ industries and private individuals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to protect the environment from additional pollution. Reducing Coal Usage Reducing the use of coal in homes, businesses and manufacturing plants is an important way to reduce carbon dioxid
  17. Humans have, for quite some time now, enjoyed a cozy spot on top of the food chain. Cockroaches may love the human monarchy, but whitetail deer, longleaf pines, Pacific salmon and other exploited species have suffered greatly as a result of it. Thankfully, humanity has started to take its stewardship of the earth more seriously. The following are some of the ways people around the world are taking steps to make large-scale sustainability a reality. BMW i3 Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Ten times as strong as mild steel and half as heavy, carbon fiber was once a super-material reserved for NASA
  18. Energy efficiency is probably the most important thing that can be done to improve life, now and in the future. Efficiently using energy not only saves money for each household, but improves the country, the world and the quality of life for everyone. There are many simple ways to conserve energy in homes and businesses with far-reaching benefits. Save Money in Homes and Businesses Saving money could be the most motivating reason to conserve energy. Homes and businesses alike benefit from simple changes, such as replacing light bulbs with LED, CFLs or halogen bulbs. Proper insulation, seal
  19. Saying that the e-waste or electronic recycling industry is the same on Main Street, USA as it is in the Asian market, is a huge erroneous statement if there ever was one. The post below covers how the growing Asian market is handling the matter of e-waste, and what we can all do individually to tackle this growing problem on a bigger scale. One Township In Illinois One case in point is the Orland Township in Illinois. What was once a thriving enterprise of volunteers loading up TV consoles, computers, and other electronic devices for recycling efforts, has now shut down and much due to it
  20. Using sod or other earthen building materials to construct a shelter is a set of techniques that goes back millennia. It has also appeared in many countries and regions including Africa, Europe, the Middle East, China and India. Historical Sod Building Icelanders are especially known for their skill in building sod houses, which they generally covered with a cob roof. The Icelanders quickly realized that sod, which was easier to find than wood, could be more durable than stone, when used correctly. Native American tribes in the Southwest also built shelters made of sod, as did later settle
  21. Using water efficiently is always important, but doing so becomes vital during a drought. Every year, some part of North America experiences a drought. In 2012, drought struck 65 percent of the country. California has been in the throes of a drought for several years. Obey all Water Restrictions During a drought, the water utility or some other regional authority is going to impose restrictions on water use in order to conserve water. Such rules are likely to include watering the garden and/or lawn only during certain times of the day, not washing your car and so forth. The rules are inten
  22. The green trend is spreading across the globe, as our world continues to change and feel the consequences of modern life. More and more people are realizing the benefits of less harmful products, including the pesticides that protect many of our foods. Numerous companies are investing in this trend because people continue to buy the eco-friendly goods deemed less harmful for human consumption. Due to the sensitivity many people have expressed over concern for their environment, more natural pesticides are becoming favorable and demand is increasing worldwide. Organic pesticides are harmless to
  23. Being eco-friendly and caring for the environment is becoming more and more trendy as people begin to realize not only the necessity of conserving natural resources, but also that eco-friendly practices can often save money in the long run. This is especially true when it comes to building a new home. There are tons of new building materials on the market that are eco-friendly and efficient! Here are the top five. Recycled Steel Instead of cutting down trees and destroying the forests, many builders are choosing to use recycled steel, often made from scraped cars, instead. There are compan
  24. As the State of Pennsylvania continues to battle with various oil drilling companies regarding environmental violations, fracking sits at the top of list. Comparing the elemental damages to the amount of these proposed fines may mirror a lopsided playing field of sorts. Proponents of the fracking phenomena apparently see nothing wrong with polluting the groundwater contained in nearby streams via mishandled wastewater, thus killing off seemingly countless schools of fish, and rendering otherwise healthy water supplies undrinkable. Many of those who oppose these fracking methods may have strong
  25. The short answer to the question, "Does the public have the right to protect its environment?" is a resounding yes. The efforts and the misfortune of people and their communities who experienced problems in Love Canal, New York and Hinkley, California near the end of the 20th century prompted the US Congress to pass specific laws that created specific rights for individuals and communities to ensure the public has access to both resources and recourse if there are dangers present. Exercising your Rights The key to exercising your environmental rights is to have an awareness of which resour
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