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Ian Bennett Morrison

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    DIY, gardening and landscaping, green cleaning and living
  1. Lawn mowers are arguably the most common gardening tools found in the shed of every house with a garden. Professional landscapers use also use them, even if they prefer high-performance models and their units are therefore more powerful. Many different types of mowing machines exist, but we all know the major ones: push, rotary, riding mowers. Although you probably use and store them the right way, you should still perform a few additional tasks regularly. Some of them may be annoying - but in turn, your equipment will be in top working condition throughout the year. Sharpen The Blades First o
  2. All grown people sooner or later come to the conclusion that life is a game. Depending on your mindset, you can consider this as a positive or a negative assumption. But let's try to see things from the bright side now. When you're playing a game – outdoors or on your computer, you don't take things too seriously. Thus, the importance of your activity is dramatically reduced and the chance to get the job done increases. This principle is the foundation of what experts today call 'gamification' or making a particular job more fun. See how recycling and waste management can be successfully gamif
  3. A lot of people are confused about the green trend that is now spreading faster than ever. They think going green involves radical change of their everyday life, more money spent on organic food, installation of expensive solar panels and so on. While in fact, it only takes small changes and very little time to develop habits that are more friendly to the environment. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy healthy lifestyle without much effort. Leave Scented Products Alone. When you give up on items stuffed with fragrances, you also say 'no' to all dangerous chemicals that come along. There is
  4. Hello ianmorrison1982, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Ian Bennett Morrison

      Ian Bennett Morrison

      Thanks, I'm happy to be part of the community :)

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