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  1. I am not sold on vertical farming. It probably is a good thing for people who live in the city, but then I get to thinking about all of the smog that is found in cities and that nastiness is getting into the plants somehow. I don't think that I would eat food produced on top of a skyscraper. As far as food shortages are concerned, the only way to provide enough food to the people is to have acres of traditional farms so that the food is mass produced in a clean environment.
  2. Rosyrain


    I have not raised chickens, but we did raise turkeys and ducks when I was a kid. I imagine they are similar in the way in which they are raised. We were going to have the turkey for Thanksgiving, but a damn cayote got to it first. The ducks were soon to follow the same fate and it was a very sad time in my life. I was young and those animals were like my pets.
  3. I'm not sure there really is a way unless you know the farm and can research it. I like to buy food from the farmers market during the summer so I know it is local and fresh.
  4. I recently saw something about a waterbottle broom project somewhere, but now I can't remember where I saw it. I love learning about all the ways people repurpose things.
  5. Great topic! I do a ton of work online and it really could lead to a stagnent lifestyle if you let it! I get up and move around even if it is walking down the road to check the mail or just even to walk. I also make myself get out and about to get food and supplies we need at home. During the warm months it is much easier because we can go on a hike and stuff.
  6. We teach our kids to conserve and respect resources. We walk whenever we can and save energy. I am also starting to teach my daughter to repurpose things she thinks she does not want anymore. I also ask my kids not to throw garbage on the ground or litter.
  7. My daughter just went through her closet to get rid of a bunch of clothes that no longer fit her. some of them are still fairly new. I am going to cut them up and make handbag pouches and make up pouches out of them. Should be a fun project, and if they turn out nice, I am going to try and sell them online.
  8. I like to carry a small garbage bag with me when I hike. Not only do I get to get some exercise and enjoy nature, but I clean up the trails along the way. I am shocked at the amount of people who will just toss their wrappers and bottles along the trails...no respect for nature and it makes me angry!
  9. I am going to put this in the food section because many natural medicenes are made from food products. What are some of your go-to remedies? I recently took my son to the doctor, as he had a nasty cough, and the doctor told me to give him a teaspoon of honey before bed if he had a coughing fit. I respected the fact that he did not try to get me to buy prescription medicene. It actually worked really well.
  10. I would love to be able to say that I buy organic food, but most of the time it is just way to expensive. If something organic is on sale, I will choose that as opposed to something that is not organic, but that does not happen very often. If I had a much bigger grocery budget, I would buy organic food all of the time.
  11. I think that many people deny the fact the global warming is taking place because 1) they don't know how to deal with it, and 2) they don't want to change their ways or are lazy. If something does not exist, you don't have to do anything about it. I see the changes of global warming in my area. We used to get snow every year, for example, but for the last 2 years there has been none. This is very strange and there has to be a scientific reason for this. Some people just don't know what to do to stop it from happening and so they just do nothing to make a positive difference.
  12. I like the reputation system as it gives a person feedback on what they right. I really like getting a "like" when I post something good, because the person had to physically show that they liked my work. It is also good because there are some people who will post things and comments that are rude and obnoxious just to get a rise out of people, and I would like to be able to dislike a comment if I choose.
  13. For the last year or so, I have been feeding my family better meals, by cooking healthy. The problem though is that some healthy foods are very expensive and can make your grocery bill skyrocket very fast. What are some of the foods that you buy that are both healthy and cheap to prepare?
  14. I am a huge coffee snob and drink good coffee like crazy. I do not think I will be trying this though anytime soon. I could not digest the coffee knowing that it came out of the rear end of an animal. Thanks for sharing though!
  15. I am eating a lot less meat these days because the price of meat is getting too expensive not to. I do not like to eat much of the processed meat, such as hotdogs and sausage, and so I am cutting up meat pieces and adding them to casseroles and stuff these days. The prices are getting crazy and I wonder if we will be able to eat meat at all eventually. I do think it is much better to pack meals full of fruits and veggies, so I am doing my best to cook this way now. It is really hard though because I have a young child at home who does not like to eat his veggies.
  16. I recently saw an episode of Shark Tank in which someone was marketing reusable "paper towels" although I think they were made of another material. You can was a reuse them up to 10 times.
  17. I try to do my best as well even though I an not looking for an environmental award anytime soon. I recycle everything I possibly can...I have even started rinsing out the mayo jars as opposed to just tossing them out recently! I try to limit my driving as much as possible. I turn off lights when I am not using them, and try to repurpose materials.
  18. I am guilty of both regifting and selling unwanted gifts. I am sad to say this, but I do not want to hurt the feelings of those who gave me the gift. They put their heart and money into buying me something and nobody needs to know that I did not like it.
  19. The biggest way I conserve water is to shower once every other day as opposed to doing it everyday. Some of you may be thinking "gross" right now, but I do not have a job or do much that involves profusive sweat or anything like that so I stay pretty clean. If I do engage in hard work or go out hiking, then I do shower afterward. I also don't wash my denim jeans after each use if they are not dirty, this saves on water used to run the washing machine.
  20. Is there any craft project you do because of the fact you are recycling a project? I make recycled notepads out of paper scraps and have now taken to decorating the pads with ribbons and rubber stamp designs. Are there any creative works you are working on?
  21. Rosyrain

    Tuna Fish

    Tuna is a guilty pleasure of mine too, but I take comfort in knowing that hundreds of cans of packed tuna can be cultivated from a single fish. It is an inexpensive flavorful meat that many people use to make sandwiches and meals with. It is like any other animal on this planet that we use for a food source, we have to respect it and not waste any of the meat. Tillapia is an excellent fish and I am not sure why some consider it a poor person's fish. It has a nice flaky flavor that I really enjoy...not to mention the fact that it does not come at a poor person's price where I live
  22. I have to drive to work each day due to the distance I travel and the fact that I often have to go to other locations when I am at work. At home though I can get away with walking more. We moved to a new home that is located near a shopping center and so now I can walk to take care of a bunch of my errands.
  23. I have seen those before and was convinced that they were made out of plastic. I have a set of bamboo spoons that are actually carved out of the reeds; they are my favorite spoons ever!
  24. Glad to hear that I am not the only one who makes projects out of old clothes. Some people look at me like I am crazy or just plain cheap. I hate living in such a consumer based society!
  25. My dream in life would be to build my house with as many reclaimed materials as possible. It would be inexpensive and would give the house some character. What is your opinion on reclaimed materials, or have you built a home with this method?
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