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  1. I don't work yet, but I know that 100%, I want a job that I will enjoy and have a lot of passion for. I don't think I could settle down for a mediocre job that I feel lifeless about, even if the pay was extremely good! It's just not how I work haha, I just have to at least like what I'm doing.
  2. This is a great prospective to look at things. It almost easier to visualize things with only 100 people. It interesting to see who has what or does what. Though I was think it would a cool experiment to do and how things would pan out.
  3. Oh wow! So that was the thing I saw yesterday night! I was honestly thinking, "how beautiful is this" I didn't even know a lunar eclipse was occurring yesterday. Nice to know I had some sort of part in it.
  4. hhh

    Green Bag

    In my house holds, its a common occurrence to reuse our plastic bags. Some shops in the UK charge you for their plastic bags, and even though the cost is low it definitely adds up at the end of the day. This certainly helps motivate people to bring reuse the ones they have. It's a great incentive in my opinion.
  5. I would love to cycle, but the roads here in the Uk, are much too dangerous. Especially since I live in the heart of London. It would be near impossible to do this. However I do use public transport, I try to help the environment in any way I can.
  6. The climate is definitely to blame! All these dangerous gases are trapping heat in to out atmosphere, which of course raises the temperature and makes the climate even hotter than it already is in the summer. It's sad that people see these fires as "natural disasters" and as they are clearly disasters they are certainly not natural.
  7. It actually blows my mind that Obama is getting criticism for trying to cut down carbon emissions! Yes, a few people might lose a couple of jobs but that's a short term problem. The fact that carbon emissions are increasing is a long term that will forever affect us. While there are always ways to increase the amount of jobs, we cannot remove carbon emissions from the air when they have already been released! I definitely agree with Obama, even though it is facing lots of criticism.
  8. Simon

    Hello hhh, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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