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    I like playing music, watching movies and going out to eat!
  1. I definitely agree that people would have a less wasteful attitude towards produce that they grow. It would be less wasteful indeed considering the fact that you would be producing food your own food, which is economical and self sustaining. I've read some reports on wasted food, and it appalling how much food some countries waste especially when you think about all the people who have very little to eat around the world. Currently I grow some spices and tomatoes. I'm also blessed with two mango trees where I live. I'd like to grow more, I just need more free time and a little more drive
  2. I agree that cremation is more practical compared to a traditional burial. First off, cremation its much less expensive. Last time I heard, buying a piece of land in a cemetery is really expensive, plus cemeteries where I live have annual or monthly maintenance fees associated to them. A side from that, you need to buy a coffin, which isn't cheap, not to mention the embalming cost. I really don't want to put that financial burden on my family. Its a good idea in terms of space as well. Personally, and probably the biggest factor as to why I rather not be buried is I don't want my family an
  3. I totally agree with Michelle on this. Just because you have the means to travel to and from work with your own vehicle doesn't mean you should. I know a guy who takes his car to work even if he lives on the same road and about 1 km away from our office. Another problem is the heavy traffic, which is caused by the number of vehicles on the road. Its sucks for folks who decide to be a bit more responsible by taking the commute or carpooling to work or school since they have to suffer through the traffic too.
  4. I make it a point to carpool with others going to and from work whenever possible. I think one of the biggest problems with the traffic situation where I'm from is the number of cars on the road. You see a lot of people driving SUV's and Vans solo, and that also means more gas consumption and more co2. As much as possible, I try to walk to get to my destinations, if its not 3-4 kilometers away that is. Aside from getting exercise, I don't contribute to co2 emissions and I save money on gas / commute fare. There are many other simple ways to be contribute, a lot of it has to with one's
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Alfonso, 26 year old entrepreneur from Manila. I try my best to be environmentally responsible and I try to influences the people close to me to do the same as well. I'm glad to be here and I hope to learn more about climate change, co2 emissions, pollution and hopefully play a bigger role in my community as an advocate for a greener future.
  6. Hello alfonso87, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. alfonso87


      Thanks for the greeting Simon, glad to be here! :)

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