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  1. I didn't get what the video means! haha sorry I guess because I have my volume low. All I know is that the company is an advocate of helping us improve our environment. Here's on project in Singapore.
  2. I read an article yesterday about this 19 year old guy, I think he's a diver from Greece, who developed a way to clean up the Pacific Ocean in 5-10 years time. I just can't remember the site where I saw it (I think in Facebook or some other blog) but I remember him telling that he uses the current to his advantage to sweep off the trash in the ocean and pile it all up to use as an alternative source of energy.
  3. I'm from Manila too and I just went through an ankle deep flood on my way to work today. *whew* I just noticed that It's been happening more often than before. It rains for 30 minutes and then there you go, streets are swamped with plastic bags and used diapers. I sometimes have to wake up 2am in the morning just to park our car somewhere higher where the flood won't reach it. It affects everyone not just their jobs but their personal lives too. We sometimes can't go to work when the water gets too high and have to stay in our homes to safe guard our things and our family. This is just one imp
  4. I don't think so. What I see is that people believe in global warming. They know what's happening and how it's affecting us. The problem is the lack of action to solve the problem. I've seen commercials like Earth Hour by WWF and other programs or groups who promotes the use of alternative energy, but most people just don't care. It just saddens me.
  5. I help out in simple ways. I just avoid using plastic as much as I can and not throw litter everywhere. Simple and too mainstream but it'll make a big difference if all of us just do it religiously.
  6. I think this happened last September if my memory serves me right. Just like everyone else. I gave up using my car to work and just went on by train and walked with my wife.
  7. Obviously one bus is the greener choice to go. The lesser the vehicle running, the lesser the combustion. I saw one video in Facebook before, where they dedicated one fourth of the highway for express buses. It actually saved them billions compared to installing trains and highways which would take longer to get finished.
  8. Hello pot_star, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. pot_star


      thanks chief! glad to be here! :)

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