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    drtbear got a reaction from Simon in Why others do not believe in global warming?   
    I realize that it's been a while since anyone has posted to this topic, but I would like to chime in. I live in Hampton Roads, VA, a region that is particularly vulnerable to climate change and raising sea levels. It boggles my mind that while the evidence for global warming is plain as day, it is not accepted. People refuse to believe or accept global warming for a variety of reasons: 
    1) The concept of global warming is rather complex and does not fit into a 30 second sound-bite. Trying to address all the contributing factors can be difficult. 
    2) Far too much misinformation regarding global warming is out there. 
    3) Addressing global warming requires behavioral changes. 
    4) The economic impacts. Addressing global warming could potentially be expensive. (However, I think we have reached the point that continuing to ignore it and pretend that it doesn't exist is more costly)
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    drtbear got a reaction from Simon in Howdy   
    Howdy from Virginia. I look forward to stimulating conversation and exchanging ideas and thoughts regarding environmental issues. 
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