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  1. It was shocking! How many young talented people have we lost to either drugs or alcohol? It just goes on and on, one life after another. I find this so sad, especially for the children.
  2. I have not see the Planet of the Apes yet, but maybe I will do so now that I have heard others enjoyed it. I also missed the penguin one and have always wondered what it was like. I think I will take a look at the online movie downloads. I feel like relaxing and watching a good movie.
  3. I love to read and to write fiction. I go to the beach for a swim in the summer months and I also like to take a walk. I enjoy eating out in restaurants and trying out new dishes. I also enjoy watching a good movie.
  4. I don't enjoy the Amazing race or any of the Housewives. These programs become boring after you have see one seasons. It is all very much the same. Everything seems to be repeated by using different characters. Not a fan at all!
  5. This is interesting, it sets out everything so clearly. One is able to get a better idea of what happens in this type of environment.
  6. So sad to be continuously confronted with another way we as humans are destroying this beautiful world of ours. The trees of a forest are so beautiful - I find it quite devastating that we have destroyed them.
  7. Well, this is interesting, a view from both side of the fence. I have to admit after seeing this footage, the sport does seem rather barbaric and aging it does not make it more humane. I guess it is payback after being taunted and speared like that. Regardless of whether it is an assembly line or a bull ring, I am sure the bull does not enjoy either experience.
  8. These numbers seem to be exceptionally high! I can understand that we need to hunt, but not to make these creatures extinct! There must be petitions online, if you do a little research you are bound to find some. We should do everything possible to save these beautiful creatures.
  9. This is really food for thought for me because I had birds before. They were given to me and had already been caged. They were lovely with such personality, but would not have survived if they had been set free. I don't think it is right to keep them in cages, but some breeds seem domesticated
  10. I am sorry, I have no idea, but I am pleased about the bees. We all need to invest in plants that will attract bees, as without them we will not survive.
  11. I have never seen these before, but I am sure there must be more, hopefully in my country. It is time that people all across the world started paying attention and building more animal crossings. This is a way to save many animals lives.
  12. Thanks for sharing this, it looks like quite an adventure! I am wondering if you experience any fear when you are around these creatures? I would be terrified, but then I do not know them at all.
  13. I find it shocking that people are not considering the feelings of the creatures. Just because they look different and behave different to us does not mean they are stupid. Just because they are not dominant on earth does not mean they are not superior. Most of these creatures are gentle and peace loving and a whole lot better looking too! I hope that humans will begin to consider their actions in the future.
  14. Well, at least something is being done. This means that there is some headway being made. Although I agree that it is not enough yet, it is moving along even though it seems to be at a snail's pace. We hope that there will be a complete ban before we experience too many fatalities that could result in extinction.
  15. I agree that it should be relocated if it is close to humans. The could at least take him to a natural habitat that is far away from human settlements. I hope someone kicks up a storm and gets something done about it.
  16. What a beautiful creature. I wonder if they are protected in the zoo? Born in a zoo and dying in a zoo? That means he will never know what it is like to roam free in his natural habitat. That is such a shame!
  17. It really depends on whether they have been set up for the good of the animals. Sometimes animals are taken there because of injury or they have been shunned from their pack or family. Sometimes they need to be protected and are unable to look after themselves. It is always good to do a little research before we support a zoo.
  18. I have heard about this, but not been able to watch it yet. However, it does make me wonder how they can not be affected. I am sure if they were tested we would find that they are not as healthy as they appear to be.
  19. I can quite believe this because I know how it feels when I want a little peace and quite. As a human I am pretty used to many unusual noises, but animals in the wild are not. The only noise they may hear is each other, rain or thunderstorms. Anything else, vehicles, planes etc would be disturbing. This is sure to bring on stress because they don't know what it is.
  20. What will people get up to next! Surely they must have made sounds. I can't believe they never mad a sound or moved around. Imagine, they could have been badly injured if something bumped into him.
  21. I really like birds. I have had several and found that they have such unique personality. I grew up in the Kruger Park and was exposed to many wild animals and reptiles and I know they are great to look at , but extremely dangerous. I do like horses and cats and dogs.
  22. Although these animals are well taken care of in a zoo, I am sure they would be happier in their natural habitat. Providing they are able to take care of themselves and are not protected. Most zoo animals are usually placed for protection.
  23. Such beautiful creatures! I am so glad they are protected now.To think we came close to losing them. This reminds me of the movie 'Gorillas in the Mist' and all the attempts Diane Fassie made to save the. It paid off in the end.
  24. Poor Sharks! I am sure this desire for shark fin must have had a horrendous affect on the shark population. just another example of the sheer selfishness of man! Let's hope this eventually dies out completely.
  25. This ad should be shown all across the world. Coca Cola will lose many of their clients. It is quite unbelievable that humans can be such jerks!
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