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  1. I tried out Google Plus but never really got into it. Honestly I am surprised Google made something that didn't really take off, but to me plus isn't particularly user friendly or interesting (just my opinion no disrespect meant) and I think that is a huge flaw. I remember when it came out and there were high hopes for it, lots of companies wanted to include it in their social media packages and now most corporations I know spend little to no time utilizing it.

  2. I don't follow a diet, but I do try to practice everything in moderation. I think depriving ourselves of certain foods only makes us crave them more and that life is meant to be enjoyed. In terms of staying fit I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do a mix of cardio and weight training. I practice Pilates twice a week just because it feels good. Otherwise I always take the stairs when they're an option and walk everywhere--not only is this good for me but it is also good for the environment!

  3. I am an attorney who is involved with corporate law. I would like to move into environmental or something with children but that would require a significant paycut and at the moment I just can't afford to cut my income...and maybe a part of me doesn't want to. I also work from home in the evenings as a nice way to relieve stress from the day. I like feeling productive and making a little extra money is never a bad thing.

  4. I don't mind the work I do but absolutely despise my coworkers and work environment. I make good money so I cannot complain, but I wish I had the courage to leave my job, take a risk and do something I love. I'm an attorney but instead of making companies rich I want to help children, or maybe I even want to open up a vegan lipbalm stand. I am not opposed to hard work and even if I won the lottery would want to continue working but I think in the US the worker/employer relationship is so off base that I find it hard to believe anyone really enjoys going to work. I think most people say they work at their current jobs because they have to not because they want to.

  5. Myself and my family buy organic all of the time. We do the bulk of our shopping at farmer's markets and this is generally where we buy our organic products, if we cannot find it at the farmer's market we will buy it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. The price can be a bit high but I really believe that an organic diet is healthier for us. We don't just buy organic produce, we also buy organic eggs and meats. I have noticed a huge difference in the taste of organic versus non organic meats. We will continue to buy all organic until we are unable to.

  6. I never throw my clothes out and choose to either donate them or make them into something else. Just about all of my clothes are donated to a women's shelter that I know turns around and gives them to people who really need them, I like this because I dislike charities that try to sell donations--unless they explicitly say they do. The clothes that are not in great shape are turned into rags for cleaning.

  7. This sounds like an awesome cleaner. I think I might try it. I am on the lookout for something that will give the toilet a good clean. Perhaps vodka and something else? I have heard of people doing a lot of cleaning with cheap vodka, although I have not tried this myself.


    I try not to make it a habit, I prefer to use homemade cleansers with herbs or natural extracts because I like the smell but there is a popular vodka toilet cleaner that I have read about on many sites. All you need is vodka, vinegar and baking soda, combine them all pour it into the toilet and then flush after an hour, I have never used this (not sure why but I have a weird feeling about combining all of these and then puring into a toilet) but have used cheap vodka to scrub the surface of my toilet. If you're looking for a non chemical toilet cleaner I would suggest pouring coke or some other cola into the toilet and letting it sit a bit, then flush. I have also heard this works for clogged drains but have never tried it.

  8. I agree with oraclemay I like homemade products because I know exactly what goes into them and can rest easy that they are as close to all natural as I can get. The bulk of the cleaning supplies I use is homemade and natural. My current favorite is an all purpose cleanser I make, it's simple and easy. I combine warm water, vinegar, alcohol, a drop of dish soap and my favorite herb (lately I'm partial to rosemary or sage) in a bottle, muddle the herbs add to the liquid and then I'm all set. It does require a bit more elbow grease than harsh chemicals but I'm happy to exert the effort so my apartment smells nice and fresh.

  9. Hi All,


    New to this forum. I spent some time poking around and it looks like a great place to share ideas and opinions. I'm passionate about the environment and truly believe that one person can make a difference. I look forward to learning from everyone, thanks for having me!

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