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  1. For eco-conscious homeowners, choosing the right floor is a balancing act of looks, longevity, eco-friendliness and budget. Options used to be thin, but with the market for green goods heating up, there has been an explosion of amazing options. These five flooring choices are the crème de la crème of green building. 1. Ceramic Wood Hardwood floors are all the rage, but sustainably-produced hardwood is hard to come by. Hardwood enthusiasts have found an unlikely replacement in the form of ceramic tile. Through a process of staining and stamping, ceramic composed of recycled material is mad
  2. Termites can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. If you see them, it's tempting to want to call an exterminator to deal with the infestation quickly. Exterminators use chemicals to kill termites, which isn't great for the environment. Instead of using chemicals, there are organic, eco-friendly ways to deal with termites. Sodium Borate This compound is mildly toxic but not detrimental to the environment. Sodium borate kills the termites ability to process food so they will die. It can be dusted around the perimeter of the home to deter termites from entering. It's recomme
  3. A new era of sustainable aeroplanes has begun with the maiden flight of one of the first fully solar-powered aeroplanes. The Solar Impulse 2, flown by German pilot Markus Scherdel, made its first assent from the Payerne Airbase in Switzerland on 2 June 2014. This initial journey marks the first step toward an historic circumnavigation that is set to take place in 2015. The Solar Impulse 2 is made of carbon fiber and has a wingspan of 72 meters. The aircraft is larger than a Boeing 747. Despite its large size, the craft's weight is equivalent to that of an automobile; this is due, in large pa
  4. In today’s world, threats to the environmental state of the nation are a very real issue. In addition, toxins and pollutants seem to be present in every aspect of one’s life. If children are our future, and the environment is crucial to our survival, it only seems fitting that the playground equipment be made in an eco-friendly manner. Washington D.C. has taken a lead in renovating playgrounds to be environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly playgrounds indicate that the features are made from non-toxic, recycled materials that are in-line with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s playgroun
  5. Landscaping brings to mind pictures of broad fields of grass at country clubs, or intricate raised bed flower gardens over manicured lawns. This type of groundskeeping, while making the environment green, can be anything but green in actual practice - it runs the risk of introducing invasive species, requiring extensive irrigation, or fertilizer run-off, and may be intensely power consumptive in the process. Making a garden or yard that works with nature is called "green landscaping" and it relies on a few basic principles that, by and large, are common sense. If any of this is too hard to
  6. People do not always think of the eco-friendly when it comes to gigantic limousines used by CEOs of large companies or celebrities. The world is becoming increasingly concernend about the environment and what would be left for future generations to come. Whenever people decide to get a limousine hire, they want a limo hire service that is friendly to the environment. Limo hire services have numerous limousines that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly limousine hire services are becoming more common. Factors That Make A Limo Eco-Friendly * Cleaner fuel - The fuels that limos use now are the mo
  7. Water is often taken for granted in a home, but it takes a lot of energy to get water from the source to your kitchen, bathroom, garden and laundry room. Eco-friendly plumbing practices can greatly reduce the cost of getting a good water supply as well as help save water resources. Most of the antiquated and inefficient plumbing fixtures use a lot of water. A plumber can install energy efficient water heaters, shower heads and toilets, but there are a lot more ways to reduce water consumption without changing your lifestyle. Rain Water Harvesting For those who have the climate, it’s wor
  8. Hello Sarah Jones, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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