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  1. Just about everyone has at least a few things in their home that are difficult to recycle, with some of the hardest things being old CDs and DVDs, mattresses, and household hazardous waste. These are also things that for the most part cannot simply be thrown in the trash. CDs and DVDs are made of plastic and do not break down in landfills, mattresses are simply too big just to throw in the trash, and household hazardous wastes are too dangerous to carelessly throw away. Fortunately, it is still possible to recycle these items; it will just take a little extra work. Recycling CD's and DVD's
  2. Recently, a new bill that would ban plastic grocery bags in California passed a legislative committee. Now, lobbyists are banding together to fight the ban that would put plastic bag manufacturers out of business and cost jobs. Supporters of the bill argue that "a statewide bag ban is needed to wipe out a particularly noxious form of litter that kills marine life in the Pacific Ocean and costs Californians $25 million a year to collect and bury." (1) First Ban of Its Kind If California's plastic bag ban becomes law, it will become the first measure of its kind in the US. While some citie
  3. California has initiated some ambitious policies like its zero-waste initiative. Both businesses and residents are working within their communities to reduce waste and drastically limit--if not eliminate--the amount of material they send to landfills. While it's environmentally sound to embrace policies that encourage recycling and the reuse of materials, there are also other benefits for the state to consider. Areas like Union City, Berkeley, and Alameda County are already discovering that recycling is good business for the state and its residents. (Source: http://www.fasthaul.com/union-ci
  4. We can all make a difference in the quality of life today and for those generations as yet to come. If you're looking for a way to make a positive impact on the earth, it's a good idea to start out by taking steps to help the environment by recycling. When it comes to the health of the planet, as with the health of our children, it all starts at home. A Healthy Planet Starts at Home The side-effects of climate change, from monster storms (e.g., Super Storm Sandy, to the Fukushima tsunami), have brought the concept of global warming, and the connection between that and our way of life, o
  5. Only four short years ago, Sonoma County, California residents were subjected to junk hauling trucks rumbling through their neighborhoods on the way to the Mecham Road dump, but that's changed as junk and trash haulers are diverting trash to the new destination 60 miles away, Solano County's Potrero Hills Landfill. The Mecham Road dump was closed due to concerns it could contaminate groundwater. Potrero Hills Landfill is expected expanded shortly. The controversy of the proposed expansion mirrors the rationale for the closure of the first landfill and many others, namely, landfills pose thr
  6. The Growth of the Green Movement infographic created by Fast Haul, highlights the roots and development of the green movement in the United States, popular environmental ordinances that have been enacted in certain regions and are now spreading across the nation, and the top ranked "greenest" cities in the U.S. today. Happy Earth Day everyone!
  7. I've just recently joined this community and am really excited to be here as I can tell there are many passionate environmentalist that I can identify with. To introduce myself, I am happily married with two children living in San Francisco, CA. I am fortunate to live in a city that takes environmental action seriously. San Francisco effort to be zero waste by 2020, the banning of plastic bags, and mandatory recycling and composting are some of the initiatives that makes this city the "greenest" city in the U.S. by Corporate Knights (source). It's great to hear from members around t
  8. Hello fasthaulsocial, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  9. Ethan Malone


    Infographics about all things environmental.
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