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  1. Do you have any idea how many cigarette butts are littered in Australia each year? Billions. Those small things, combined together, have some serious impact on the environment around us. Let’s see how. For starters the cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals, and every second the butt is alight those toxins are released in the environment. Another problem, that carelessly flicked cigarettes cause, are fires. But the true problem is caused by the material the butts are made from. The filters are made from cellulose acetate which causes a lot of problems, when not disposed properly. Now
  2. It seems like Melbourne is on its way to become world's best city for living not only for people, but for trees too. The council's tree-saving program is showing growing numbers in its five year account. More people feel compelled to take part in the noble initiative as volunteers. The ambitious plan to revive the city's "urban forest" seems to be working to the fullest. Trees' numbers and diversity on Melbourne streets is growing and the benefits of it will be effective very soon, according to the prognosis. Five years ago the city was facing total loss of its trees due to the long periods o
  3. The easiest form of gardening is the compact and practical indoor herb garden. Normally herbs don't require much attention, apart from some watering every once in a while. And the benefits are amazingly delicious culinary sensations (if you CAN cook that is), and also a fresh green accent in your kitchen design. But growing your very own mini-home garden just became even easier, thanks to the self-watering hydroponics system. This is a great solution for all the ever-busy, and hurried people of modern society, but who care for the environment, and are trying to keep to an organic lifestyle.
  4. Nothing completes good design better than impressive, quality flooring. It can reveal a lot about the ideas and inspirations behind the place's general design. This is why, if we aim for an environmentally-friendly space, we have to research the most sustainable options. One such alternative is recycled wood flooring. It is organic, all-natural, and it looks amazingly warm and cosy. And not only that - wood flooring hasn't backed down from the top of the trend wave for years now. However, if you are tired of the sight of wooden floors, you could try recycled carpeting. There is a number
  5. Sustainable development is quite the trendy term these days. However, being green at home is not just about recycling or up- and downcycling, it's devoted to using our resources to their fullest. So, what would you say if I told you that about 20% of the food an average household has in it's refrigerator goes bad before it's consumed? Doesn't sound too environmentally-friendly, does it? Despite all the high-tech gadgets we have in our kitchens - refrigerators which will cool your meal instantly, microwaves to heat up the food in seconds, dishwashers which do the dirty work with one push of
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