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  1. Water is the most precious natural resource. It is also one of those natural resources that cannot be created more. The amount of water in this world is fixed. We just need to use it with care to continue meeting our water needs. We need to raise public awareness on water to let people conserve water as much as they can. For this purpose we need to have punch lines about various issues related to water. These 100 slogans on water can be the best messages for water awareness if they are communicated to right audience at right time.
  2. This is because of lack of environmental awareness. Green awakening has yet to reach in backward regions of Asia and Africa. Majority of people think living green is a luxury. Only rich and effluent can afford to follow a green lifestyle. If a person from middle or lower class talk about going green he is taken as day dreamer. He is called an idealist person living away from the realities of life. It is widely believed in such countries that going green requires a lot of money. They have to alter their way of living by replacing all the items of daily use. They will not be able to travel in
  3. Climate change has badly hit most of the countries of Asia. Most encouraging thing is that people of this region realize how global warming and environmental hazards are impacting their way of living. This was disclosed in a survey conducted by Climate Asia of BBC. It also revealed that people have to change their lifestyle and alter their sources of living because of rising level of threats due to climate change. People of Pakistan are worst affected by the menace of global warming while people of Bangladesh have more awareness on harms of environmental degradation on them. People of Pak
  4. Hi Simon Leufstedt My blog name is Pollution Pollution. I cover issues related to global warming, climate change, environmental care and green living. My articles usually focus the irregularities and corruption going on in environment sector of poor regions of the world. I also write on tips and solutions for pollution control and going green. I also started tutorial on how to raise environmental awareness and boost green awakening. So far I have written 10 tutorials on this subject under a sub category of Aware and plan to write 90 more tutorials. In developing and least developed wo
  5. Maybe many of you might have not listened the name of my country Pakistan. It is in South Asia with a population of 180 million. More than half of the population is illiterate and green awareness is very little here. I am a green blogger and working for the cause of environmental awareness.
  6. Many world-famous scientists are avoiding to completely brushing aside the likelihood of reemergence of smallpox due to rising level of climate change all over the world. It has sparked fears of comeback of this contagious disease worldwide. A heated debate on this topic has already started in western media.

  7. Hello Mimuba, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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