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  1. My family and I recently moved from Darwin to Caulfield, a Melbourne suburb in Victoria. I wanted to be close to my job, I work as an acupuncturist in one Melbourne clinic; and my wife and I were beginning a new phase of our lives with the birth of our third child. Of course the question of what to use for energy source came up during the planning stages. We wanted to minimise the cost of heating for our home. With energy rates going up, standard baseboard heating for the cold and wet winters in Caulfield would leave a dent in our ability to support the growing family. We also didn't want t
  2. House charm is one thing every family would always keep an eye on. How attractive your clothes suit you should reflect the appearance of your home. One natural system of designing and maintaining your house is the Green wall. It is also referred to as living wall system. These are vertical structures that are currently replacing the system of growing small herbs and flowers in containers. This format delicately combines a variety of flora colours splashed on the vertical wall filling it with flowering plants and foliage. This make walls hydroponic gardens that mix beauty and natural art to del
  3. Hello truelife, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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