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  1. Many people discard unwanted items in the landfills. The emissions from the landfills produce a gas that is harmful to the environment. When you move the eco friendly or green way, you are reducing that rubbish. This helps to eliminate or reduce the emissions from the landfills. You can relocate to a new area more responsibly by following a few tips on eco friendly moving. Give Away or Sell Items Some items that you no longer need can be donated to others. For instance, books can be distributed to local schools or libraries. Other avenues for disposing of non-essential items are charit
  2. These days, buying a gift for a friend or a loved one can be terribly difficult. With the endless options out there, it is awfully troublesome to find something unique and special. Rather than stick to a traditional gift, one type of unique idea is to choose something green. Green eco-friendly gifts are interesting, made out of special materials, and are often designed in a non-conformist manner. Rather than struggle in the store, this article makes the job easier for you. Below are five amazing green gift ideas that any of your friends of loved ones would completely adore. Recycled Glass
  3. The building costs, both environmentally and financially, have gone through the roof and there are no signs that it will be coming down anytime soon. As experts point out, the best way to keep the cost of construction low is by using green construction materials. These have many advantages and some of them are discussed below. Cost Savings There are many benefits to be got by using green construction materials. Some of them include: • Green materials can be reclaimed from other projects or even recycled, a fact that helps avoid initial production fees • These materials enable homeown
  4. Environmental Management Plans are important for protecting construction investments and avoiding lawsuits. These plans review important information such as government guidelines, local building codes, how the construction will impact traffic and the surrounding environment, noise pollution concerns and much more. Without a proper plan in place, the construction project could be bogged down by regulatory fines and even lawsuits. Lawsuits Over Environmental Changes Something that developers must consider is how the project will affect storm water run-off throughout the area. In a case in
  5. Maintaining a presentable and sanitary living space can seem like too much to do. With all those cleaning projects, it may sometimes feel as if there is not enough time in a day. As if day-to-day cleaning chores are not enough, there are also bigger cleaning projects like cleaning windows or removing dirt from curtains that should be done at least once in a year. But not worry. In this post, we tell you 5 green and simple cleaning tips that will make cleaning a breeze. Read on to discover more. 1. Glass and Mirrors You do not necessarily need to clean your windows using ammonia-based c
  6. Electricity prices continue to rise each year. Therefore, homeowners are looking for new ways to equip their homes with greener lighting to account for the increase in electricity costs. At one time, you would have simply chosen a regular light bulb to screw into a light socket. Today, times have changed with new lighting and new EU legislation. The new EU legislation has outlawed the old style of incandescent light bulbs. Even with the old bulbs being discarded, you have several sources of lighting to choose from that will light your home economically. Why Choose Energy Red
  7. There was a time when no one cared about environmental technology. After all, gasoline was priced cheaply, usually under a dollar per gallon, and everyone was happy enough to use as much as possible. However, times have changed a lot in the past few decades. The cost of fuel has sharply increased, and people more aware that they need to treat the earth's nonrenewable resources with care. With that in mind, scientists have been looking into building pneumatic valves that use fewer amounts of energy. Twenty or thirty years ago, a pneumatic valve would have consumed 6 Watts of power, and only
  8. Hello Matt Milstead, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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