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  1. Cylindrical roller bearing series introduces cylindrical roller bearing roller bearing sales hotline spot cylindrical roller bearing manufacturer. Cylindrical roller and race for line contact bearing. Load capacity is big, mainly bear radial load. Roller and ring guard friction small, suitable for high speed rotation. According to the ring presence of guard, NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, such as single bearing, double row bearings and NNU, NN. The bearing inner ring and outer ring is separable structure. No guard of cylindrical roller bearing inner ring or outer ring, internal ring and outer ring can be
  2. China in bearing grinding machine adopts stepper motor and its control system began from the ninety s, more than a decade, the stepper motor control technology of bearing grinding machine development soon, at present, wuxi, shijiazhuang, chengdu and henan bearing equipment manufacturing factory of the few cities in the mass production of bearing grinding machine of stepper motor control. With large quantities of stepper motor control of the bearing grinding machine to the market, step motor system control problems are more and more surfaced, problems of single axis stepper motor control system
  3. Because of the bad quality of return and claim. There is a close relationship between the reason and parts cleaning. Traditional cleaning process cannot meet the requirements of product quality. Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of new technology, it can greatly improve the grade of the product, improve production efficiency. The cleaning principle is as follows: Principle of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning by ultrasonic wave in today's focus: energy conversion to high frequency concussion and transmitted to the cleaning fluid, in ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and radiation forward,
  4. Rolling bearing used in a variety of mechanical equipment, imported bearing conditions required by the increasingly strict, the bearing performance is diverse. From a large number of structure, size, select the most appropriate import bearings, need a different Angle. In choosing imported bearing, it is generally believed that as a bearing, the difficulty of installation and removal, imported bearing size and bearing market, such as space allows, the general decided to import bearing structure. In the use of a variety of mechanical design life and comparative study of various durable import
  5. This kind of bearing with retainer is not prepared in advance and then assembling, but in bearing joint and separate rolling body evenly mix of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with grease, after filling the bearing internal space, then heated to form cage. In this kind of cage grease firmly fixed by resin material, for the past due to leakage of grease bearing life is reduced, and the problems of pollution on environment nearby grease, this surely is the ideal bearing products. As NTN company exclusive development of products, according to the oil filling quantity comes in two forms:
  6. SUNON to satisfy different market needs, copper sets of bearings or ball palin to produce cooling fan. If the consideration of economic solution and the operation of the quiet, copper sleeve bearing is the best choice in most applications. SUNON copper shaft system, includes sintered metal bearing with special lubricating oil, using fluid mechanics effect with high use fixed number of year with minimum noise. The life of the cooling fan often depends on the reliability of the bearing, SUNON copper bearing system has been confirmed with the characteristics of high efficiency and low heating. Te
  7. Rolling bearing repair summary: flexible production line long linkage drill binary mechanical gearbox shell was born five axis machine new mainstream market channel turning super large deep groove ball bearing with rotating knife UAI how popular with qinchuan glory and dream of ANSYS10.0 important new features based on the constraint of modular fixture assembly modeling and design the disadvantages of oil film bearing oil into the water and the solution business parthers JG - 250550 laser cutting bed I see CIMT2007 automatic filling packing device ligation tool protection watch spring booming
  8. Hello FANADEBearing, welcome to Green Blog! :)

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